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evil eye bead necklace
glass jewelry with evil eye
Evil Eye Glass Bead Necklace
from $9.99 Regular price $19.98 Save 50%
hebrew shema israel necklace
Shema Israel Hebrew Prayer Necklace
Shema Israel Hebrew Prayer Necklace
blue opal hamsa hand necklace for ukraine donation
blue hamsa israel necklace
Blue Opal Hamsa Necklace
love rose gold star necklace
jewish love necklace
Jewish Star Love Necklace
silver hebrew prayer bracelet jewish
bead bracelet in Hebrew
Shema Yisrael Hebrew Prayer Bead Bracelet
from $72.00
tiny chai necklace
little jewish jewelry
Tiny Chai Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold
from $139.00
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Bless Your Space

elephant amulet for the bedroom
Elephant Hamsa Hand Wall Amulet
Elephant Hamsa Hand Wall Amulet

Good Luck Necklaces

navy blue hamsa hand necklace
hamsa necklace for women and girls
Colorful Hamsa with Evil Eye Pendants
layering evil eye necklace
evil eye jewelry
Oblong Watchful and Lucky Eye Necklace
gemstone evil eye
gold and pink evil eye pendant for women
Tourmaline Evil Eye Necklace
from $80.00
golden evil eye charm
moon and star evil eye necklace
Universe and All Seeing Evil Eye Pendant