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alissa and paula owners of alef bet jewelry






Have you been looking for a piece of jewelry that speaks directly to you?  That has personal meaning, a symbol that calls to you? 


If so, you are in the right place! 


  • “Just wanted to thank you for the great necklace...I am not a big jewelry type of person so the jewelry I wear is important to me.”


  • “I completely love Paula’s tender and delicate designs that each jewelry piece reflects...if I could choose one word to express about Paula’s jewelry I would choose stunning.”



Here’s Our Story:


Raising three young girls, Paula decided that she needed jewelry and had to find a way to buy some since her husband wouldn’t buy it for her.  What does a young mom do?  Opens up a jewelry boutique!

Win-win for everyone, right?


As the years passed, Paula moved from jewelry to selling maternity clothes, and back to jewelry.  Then an idea came her way to manufacture her own jewelry.  A light went off, and just like that a company was born!



Why the name Alef Bet?


In 1996 the trend was wearing English alphabet bead necklaces. One afternoon, Paula's son-in-law suggested making the same beads in Hebrew. The idea stuck and so did the name, Alef Bet Jewelry (Hebrew for alphabet).  Not being able to keep up with the demand of Hebrew name necklaces, her daughter, Alissa joined the company.  Customers kept asking for more Judaic jewelry and the line was created.


Since 1996, Alef Bet has taken the faith based line and branched out to a wide variety of jewelry, but underneath it all there is a spiritual and personal meaning behind each design, some of which the customer has to create, some of which are obvious.  



If you don’t see what you need, call us for extra help or advice.


Now, let’s start shopping!

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Alef Bet jewelry is a family-owned business that has been a sparkling light in the world of Judaic and modern jewelry for over fifteen years.