Judaism and Jewish jewelry, all tied in together.

Hebrew Prayer Jewelry

Every religion has a prayer, “Thee Prayer.”  In Judaism, it is the Shema Israel Prayer found in the Book of Deuteronomy 6:4.  It serves as the centerpiece of both the morning and evening prayers, and the first verse translates as follows: “Hear, O Israel: the LORD Our God, the LORD is One.”  


As children, we are taught this prayer and no matter where you go in the world, no matter how religious you are, or aren’t, you know this prayer.  It is almost what unites us, to put it lightly, when we don’t share the same language or customs.  


I remember many times when showing this bracelet to someone and I say it is Hebrew, and the customer cannot read the language and are not religious, immediately ask is it the Shema Prayer?  And each person then tells a story with their memories of the prayer.  It is a touching moment for all, a moment we love to hear about when selling jewelry.  The stories, the feelings, the connection made again through a prayer to our fellow people around the world.

Just having the bracelet close to your soul, the words of the Hebrew prayer near you is a feeling that one cannot describe.  It grounds you, gives you inspiration and fills your soul.  These are all comments that our customers relay to us time after time.


There are many gorgeous prayer bracelets at Alef Bet Jewelry.  Take a peek, and let us know the feelings that they create when you wear them.




These fingers might look like a good manicure and a ring to you, but really they represent so much more.

diamond ring Chain ring with diamond in 14k gold

When I saw it was #nationalbestfriendday the other week on Instagram, my friend Heather came to mind.


This story is actually quite unique:  we met at a gift show in NYC, when her mom bought her jewelry from us.  It was the last piece of jewelry her mother ever bought her.  From then on, she made it a point to visit us every 6 months at the show and our friendship developed.  She lives in Ny and we are in Ca.


She believes in us as a company, has invited me into her home, encourages us to keep going and is our #1 fan. And besides that, she is a gem. A diamond.


So, those fingers modeling our new ring that she designed, that is the fingers of a true friend, a diamond.

diamond chain ring


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