Wearing the Hebrew Biblical Prayer Jewelry

Hebrew Prayer Jewelry

Every religion has a prayer, “Thee Prayer.”  In Judaism, it is the Shema Israel Prayer found in the Book of Deuteronomy 6:4.  It serves as the centerpiece of both the morning and evening prayers, and the first verse translates as follows: “Hear, O Israel: the LORD Our God, the LORD is One.”  


As children, we are taught this prayer and no matter where you go in the world, no matter how religious you are, or aren’t, you know this prayer.  It is almost what unites us, to put it lightly, when we don’t share the same language or customs.  


I remember many times when showing this bracelet to someone and I say it is Hebrew, and the customer cannot read the language and are not religious, immediately ask is it the Shema Prayer?  And each person then tells a story with their memories of the prayer.  It is a touching moment for all, a moment we love to hear about when selling jewelry.  The stories, the feelings, the connection made again through a prayer to our fellow people around the world.

Just having the bracelet close to your soul, the words of the Hebrew prayer near you is a feeling that one cannot describe.  It grounds you, gives you inspiration and fills your soul.  These are all comments that our customers relay to us time after time.


There are many gorgeous prayer bracelets at Alef Bet Jewelry.  Take a peek, and let us know the feelings that they create when you wear them.



Friendship is Like a Rare Diamond | Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula

These fingers might look like a good manicure and a ring to you, but really they represent so much more.

diamond ring
Chain ring with diamond in 14k gold

When I saw it was #nationalbestfriendday the other week on Instagram, my friend Heather came to mind.


This story is actually quite unique:  we met at a gift show in NYC, when her mom bought her jewelry from us.  It was the last piece of jewelry her mother ever bought her.  From then on, she made it a point to visit us every 6 months at the show and our friendship developed.  She lives in Ny and we are in Ca.


She believes in us as a company, has invited me into her home, encourages us to keep going and is our #1 fan. And besides that, she is a gem. A diamond.


So, those fingers modeling our new ring that she designed, that is the fingers of a true friend, a diamond.

diamond chain ring

What’s On the Gifting Table for Dads this Father’s Day

Trees | Father’s Day?

What’s up with that?

We have this fancy shamcy image to show you the great gift you can give your dad this Father’s Day. Pretty good with the graphics, right?

Father's Day gift idea in jewelry


Why a tree? What does it symbolize?


Well, it’s pretty simple: a dad is symbolically the roots of a family, and the kids and grandkids are the branches and the beauty of the life extended from him. Without a dad in your life, perhaps you wouldn’t have grown up to the apple of his eye? See the tree relevancy here?

Trees make wonderful gifts, so if you don’t think he will rock this dog tag necklace, perhaps plant a tree in his honor and tell him you are watching it grow just as he is watching, loving and nurturing you to do the same.


What we love about this tree is that a tattoo artist actually drew the image and we converted it into a pendant.  The style is edgy, perfect for a guy that loves jewelry.


We’re created a video to show you the style and features about the pendant.  Check it out here 

And to buy the necklace go to www.alefbet.com


Teachers and End of the Year

This morning after I dropped my daughter off at school, I tried to calculate how long I have been driving this same route to school.

I think it is 13.

13 years of the same drive, twice a day for almost 10 months a year.  That is a lot of the sameness.

I am thrilled, totally thrilled, to be moving on this year to a different school.  How sad is that?  But, when you are done you are done, right?  My little one will be upgrading to middle school, my middle is in high school and my oldest will be moving into her own apartment this weekend for college.

But, you know…we have to thank the teachers.  If it weren’t for the teachers my children wouldn’t be able to read or write.  In my 5th grade daughter’s culmination speech, I told her to include the paragraph that she is now an author, scientist, computer programmer (or rather youtube watcher), mathematician and more because of her teachers.  I honestly believe that teachers didn’t sign up for this job for the huge pay check, retirement fund and health care benefits, but rather for the love of children and education.  Yes, you may disagree on some standards and yes, some teachers should retire early, but all in all, our teachers are what make our children be able to enter the “world” and function.


I say we should honor our educators, if you want to gift them this year-end with a gift, try to think about what they have gifted your child.  We all have different levels of income and we can gift what we can.  From a personal and heart-felt note to a memorabilia gift — they deserve it!


There are lots of presents you can choose from on www.alefbet.com, in lots of different price points.  I love coffee, but lets be honest here: a gift-certificate to Starbucks is gone in a few sips but a piece of jewelry will stay with them forever.  And when they put on that bracelet or ring, they will think of your child.  And the thankful gift you bestowed upon them for educating your child.

I’ll Never Stop Loving You


Words hold super powers.  They can cause a smile in a split second, change a life,  and create lasting memories.

Words can also harm.  They can cause pain, tears and such sorrow that could change a life forever.


Choose your words carefully, think them through long and hard.


We’ve all been there, all been hurt by words and all felt the positive power of words.  Let’s focus on the positive power of words– it is a much brighter subject when your blog is about jewelry!!



I’ll Never Stop Loving You Necklace in Sterling Silver

Wow– how touching is this!!  Can you picture your kids gifting you this necklace for Mother’s Day perhaps at brunch or while bringing you breakfast in bed?  Could you imagine the heart felt joy upon opening the box containing these sentimental words?  These are powerful words, touching words, heartfelt words that are not chosen lightly.  They come from within, from one’s inner most soul to share with yours.

I’ll Never Stop Loving You

This Mother’s Day, thank your mom. Or your wife.  Bring her joy and happiness, and let her know that you appreciate all she has done for you.  Etch these words onto her heart, just like this pendant.  Touch her soul, her mind, and let her know exactly how you feel.

Words speak louder than actions.  Create ever lasting memories with a piece of jewelry that she can carry close to her heart and continually draw pleasure.

Shop this pendant at www.alefbet.com

Touching gift for Mother's Day or Any Day
Touching gift for Mother’s Day or Any Day

Mother’s Day For the Handiwoman + Tools

tools for moms


There are all sorts of moms out there, some cook and clean and raise kids really well.  Others can do that + fix stuff and make stuff.  I admit, I don’t fall into those categories, but I can dream, right?  I do look online and get inspired to fix and create all sorts of things.  Why can’t I hang that new picture and make a bench for the backyard, right?  I pin away on pinterest all the time!!  Trying to convince myself I am handy and everything is easy.


Then the moms that do it really really well are out there, and put us others to shame. Hey, that is OK by me.  I still can rock this awesome tool necklace though and the matching bolt earrings.  It beats my kids name on a heart necklace anyday….just saying!


See this necklace online at Alefbet.com




Afikoment Gifts on Passover


My mom tells of growing up in Denver in the 1950’s and receiving a quarter from many uncles for finding the Afikomen.  I remember my Uncle Irving passing out $2 bills to all the cousins.  Now, those bills were an oddity, and so special that we wouldn’t even spend them.  I actually still have a few tucked away in my jewelry box.  As kids we couldn’t sit still until the middle piece of matza was broken, folded into a napkin, and hidden away.  Whoever found it would then hold it for ransom until they received a gift.  Yes, one person found the Afikomen, but in order to prevent hard feelings, the matzah was broken up and passed around so that all the kids received gifts.

There are stories and legends intertwined in history about finding the Afikomen.   Doing research for this blog post we found that the Afikomen has taken on special meanings throughout history as.  This symbolic middle piece of matzah used to be saved as protection against the evil eye and to ensure longevity.  Back in the Middle Ages, Jews would carry it in a little pouch with them from Passover to Passover, hoping for good luck.  Did you know that if you kept the Afikomen for 7 years, you could then throw it into a river to stop a flood?  The stories go on an on.

Afikomen might sound like this crazy made-up word, but it is a word.  Pronounced Ah-fee-ko-men, it is actually a Greek word meaning dessert.   Read more about it in this past post.

Let’s fast forward from the 1950s and 1970s to 2017, and admit that kids are still fascinated with the Afikomen ritual and holding it ransom until they receive something in exchange.  The thing is, when you gift something to a kid, they remember it.  That is what Jewish family celebrations are all about– creating memories and rituals.  From the food we eat to the prayers we chant, every child remembers the holidays.  Having them leave with a small keepsake just preserves these memories.


Here are two wonderful choices to gift the children at Passover Seder.  A sterling silver Jewish star pendant or a Hebrew chai charm are both meaningful moments of the holiday.



How to Unknot Your Jewelry and Store it Correctly

Knots in jewerly

Don’t you HATE It when your jewelry becomes a huge tangled up mess?
It makes you crazy– I know!
Being in the jewelry business, it happens often.  The worst was while selling at a trunk show at Bloomingdales, and we had 12 dainty diamond pendants on one display.   They were all lined up nicely, overlapping one another and showing off their ability to be paired with other pieces.  It looked fabulous from the front.
Then it happened…
Someone wanted to try on a necklace.  While  attempting to remove the center necklace, the chains became intertwined with one and another and the knots started.  One-by-one the 12 necklaces all became a ball.
Imagine the image above x12.
Not a pretty sight at all.
It could have easily been avoided, had I followed the simple advice listed below.
First– storing the jewelry is important.
Do not store jewelry in a bag this way
How not to store jewelry
Never ever plop your jewelry into a bag.
That is where the damage begins.  It just sits in a bag and moves all around, back and forth on itself creating a nightmare of knots.  You go to wear it, pull it out of the baggie and you want to scream.  A jumbled up mess.
Use a poly bag to store jewelry
How to store jewelry correctly to prevent knots

This is how to correctly store the jewelry— dangle an inch of the chain out of the bag.  It cannot roll back on itself and become tangled.


Had I stored each chain on the back of the display following my own advice, in a small baggie,  I would have been spared hours of work.


Second: What happens when you do have a knot, so tightly wound up you can’t even wear the pendant? 

Do you consider throwing out the jewelry or sending it back to the manufacturer for them to repair?  Perhaps.  We have had customers do this.  We don’t recommend throwing it out or cutting it — there is a method to fixing the knots.

Step one: take a deep breath

Step two: turn on the television and grab a cup of wine (that is totally up to you, of course)

Step three: you will need 2 pins. These are your tools


Tools needed to unknot a chain

Step four: Put the pins into the tiny links inside of the chain and start pulling them apart.  Follow the knot, and eventually it will unloosen and become separated from the cluster of chain.

How to unknot a chain

Step five: This isn’t a race, it takes a long time.  Refer back to step one and two.
Remember, we were able to unknot 12 necklaces– so you can too.  Just be patient.
To see a video on this watch here
Alef Bet Jewelry has the plastic bags for sale, they are very inexpensive and come 100 in a bag.

Salt Looks Like Sugar Don’t Be Mislead by Social Media

Can this quote be any better?

We love social media, love love love it!  But come on, we are not ALL that perfect– but photos show life as fabulous, right?  Do we all have a gazillion high-end purses and fancy shoes?  An outfit that is brand new to wear every single day with no repeats?  A spouse that adores and smiles at you every single second of your tropical vacation?  And the kids!!  They are always behaving and perfect, right?


I mean, who wants to see the boring photos like paying bills, washing dishes, laundry, changing sheets? We have to do these mundane activities though. So salt does look like sugar, don’t be mislead.  I remember a friend once said to me, “you are such a great mom, and your facebook shows how well-behaved your kids are, and do they know how lucky they are? You are always traveling with them.”

Um no.

That was when it dawned on me that what is posted and what is seen are two different animals.  The outtakes of the mess in the kitchen next to the perfectly chef-inspired dish, or the makeup that spilled all over the car when you grabbed your purse to take a quick picture because the sun was just about to set.  How about the time your dog tore up the outfit you were supposed to return after wearing it in a photo shoot?  Why don’t those make it into social media?

Now there would be a great page, #realdayinthelifeofablogger.  LOL


Not everything is the way you think it is
It ain’t all roses


Using Alef Bet Jewelry as an example,  it appears like each piece of  jewelry is an easy sell, and easily managed. But, what you don’t see is the difficulty we go through trying to build our website, marketing and finding customers. We have the designs in our heads, but you don’t see the issues going into manufacturing and creating them. The problems that arise when the diamonds are not set perfectly, when the order comes in wrong, a stone falls out, or when you make an order and the store decides not to pay after an order is shipped.

How about when my kids were small and instead of putting them in daycare they were in the office with us?  Hey, you didn’t know that did you?  Trying to sell jewelry with a kids screaming in the background isn’t ideal.  Trust me.

So salt does look like sugar, don’t be mislead.

What goes on in your life that we don’t “see?”

Lay it out in the comments, it felt good venting, have to admit!

Purim: Jewish Feminism?

We think that it’s no coincidence that Purim falls in March, which is National Women’s History Month. Purim always calls for the reading of the Book of Esther, the woman who embodies Jewish resistance to annihilation. That’s what we call girl-power, Kosher-style!

Rabbinic tradition tells us that Esther was one of the four most beautiful Jewish women of all time (Sarah, Rahab and Abigail were the others). What you may not know about Esther is that her Hebrew name was Hadassah (meaning “myrtle tree”), now familiar to us as the benevolent organization of women who work in support of the Jewish community, and the larger world-community, too.

She was a Jewish orphan who became the most powerful woman on earth, by marrying King Ahasueras , King of Persia. Was it looks alone? Was it that year-long makeover that Esther experienced, with all of those aromatic baths, oils, myrrh and perfumes? Not likely – King Ahasueras had lots of options. He was, after all, the world’s most eligible bachelor! Yes, he had a harem. And of all the babes in the realm, he chose Esther as his queen. And the rest is history.

Our advice for Purim: enjoy a lovely bath, a nice massage with aromatherapy oils, and put on your favorite jewelry in celebration of Esther, and women everywhere.

Spa Google Image
Relaxing at the Lady Spa