Jewish Star– What!! You Never Wore One?

Wait, what – you’ve never worn the Star of David?

And you’re a nice Jewish girl or Jewish boy? We’re laughing with you, not laughing at you.

There is an entire generation – maybe two—of generations of Jews who really haven’t rocked the Magen David or Shield of David, known to the rest of the world as The Jewish Star.  

star of david jewelry

Sociologists, cultural anthropologists, and many others are filled with theories as to why. 

The symbol carries many centuries of meaning in alchemy and other belief systems, notably the upward-pointing triangle for masculine fire, the downward-pointing triangle for water and feminine energy.

The hexagram, sometimes called the Seal of Solomon, has a mystical past. It’s inscribed on Kabbalistic amulets to guard the wearer against demons—so what a bitter irony indeed when during the dark years of the 1930s and 1940s, incarcerated Jews were forced to wear the yellow six-pointed star, a literal badge of social injustice, persecution, isolation, and intended genocide.

After the defeat of the Nazis, wearing the star was still painful for Jews, a reminder of very recent losses.  Also, the generation of Jews who lived through the Second World War, and had children after the Allied victory, may have associated the Shield of David with old ways, old times, and times better forgotten. For similar reasons, in the 1950s and beyond, the Yiddish language fell into virtual silence among educated, prosperous, assimilated American Jews who wanted nothing more than to get along, live well and move on.

And here’s the good news: times have changed again.

The Yiddish language flourishes, especially in theatre. And the Shield of David has never been more popular.

Today, it’s worn as a symbol of Jewish identity.

Alef Bet Jewelry offers a wide selection of these pieces with a sense of great joy because we feel that wearing the star signals unity within the Jewish world. It’s also a signal of optimism and faith: yup, folks, we made it.

We’re still here.

Diamond and gold star of david Modern Jewish Star Jewelry

We’ve got quite a selection of these stars, so please always feel free to contact us (HERE) for ideas about items that fit your budget and meet your particular interests.

These days, wearing the Jewish star feels easy—casual, natural. It’s a relaxed statement we think you’ll enjoy, even if this is your first Magen David!  Hadassah Magazine listed this Star as the top Hanukkah gift!

One of our favorites is a modern bracelet which combines three powerful symbols in sparkling cubic zirconia – the Magen David, the evil eye as a flat, round charm in gleaming deep blue stones, and the protective Hamsa or hand amulet. The three charms are nicely proportioned, and connected by a delicate but sturdy chain bracelet. It’s a contemporary take on wearing ancient protection, in 14k rose or yellow gold vermeil, or sterling silver (see it here). 


hamsa bracelet with evil eye and jewish star emblem







These days, we hesitate to use any words which might seem disrespectful to women (or men), but we like to wear our bracelets “stacked.” As the anchor of the stack just as our faith anchors our being and our life, we love to wear a simple but very elegant beaded bracelet with a deeply carved Jewish star. Try this gold-filled 3mm bead and star (See it here). It’s simple, looks more expensive than it is, goes with a simple gold watch – or pile on lots of other bangles, cuffs and wraps for an eclectic look. 


Gold Star Bracelet with Jewish Magen David


No matter what your fashion statement, we always love the look of a sparkling star on a fine chain, designed to rest perfectly on the breastbone. Check out our Love Necklace with, a Magen David pendant that’s sized large enough to make a statement, but still on the dainty side, blazing with brilliant white cubic zircon stones. Looks amazing with a LBD for the evening, a denim jacket for weekends, or your sharpest office suit every day. 


When I Saw Billy Elliot…

This weekend I saw the play, Billy Elliot.

First, if you haven’t seen it, see it!  If you haven’t seen the movie, see it!!


leather and evil eye bracelet for men


My parents took me and the grandkids to a very small playhouse where the cast is all volunteers and the performances are sooooooo good, you just cannot even fathom buying the tickets on because you feel like you are cheating the playhouse.  That being said, the play message moved me.


It wasn’t the time and energy and skill that goes into a production at a volunteer playhouse that moved me.  In all honesty, my daughter is on dance team, so I know about endless rehearsals and lessons.


 It was the message of a dream.

 And the right to be who we are. 


Sure, the manly dad and brother are who they are, and the cross-dresser is who he is.  And the boy Elliot just wanted to dance because it made him feel like nothing else in the world.  He is who he is.   What a blessing to be able to soar and be at peace with who you are.  I only hope that my children grow up to be who they want to be in life, and if I am ever found being stubborn, as the father in the play was, that I can change and grow as he does.

It really makes you think.  About life, happiness and what makes a person seek happiness.

That being said, it is the perfect moment to introduce a new line of jewelry that we are toying with–men’s bracelets.  You see, if a guy wants to wear a sparkly and shiny beaded bracelet– Damn It He Should!!!

black silver mens bracelet

He should.


This new selection is found online at, and keeping within the beloved theme of evil eyes and hamsas, we are, of course, highlighting spiritual symbols.  (You didn’t think we wouldn’t, right?)


The combination of sparkling black and turquoise cubic zircon stones are all hand-set in this evil eye amulet and strung on sterling silver beads.


This look here is a bit different, as the sterling silver beads are blackened with a rhodium plating and strung together with an evil eye charm in the center.  The other designs are combination of leather with a sword, and the other a set of three movable stones within a bar.


We encourage you to wear your bling proudly, flaunt your style loudly, but most of all be yourself.  Be happy in your skin– be proud of your accomplishments and learn from your failures.  And do as Billy Elliot did and take a leap and try because you never know where life is going to take you.


If you’d like to check out this new collection of men’s bracelets, visit and click


If Madonna Could Pull it Off…..

Growing up, you got a piece of Jewish jewelry for your bat-mitzvah, but if you were “lucky” you did not.  Back in the 80s, there was no fashion-forward Judaic jewelry.  It was large, ugly and style-less.  Ok, that is a big-blatant statement I am making, so I will retract it and say, “I cannot remember ever seeing anything nice that was religious when I grew up.”


It just wasn’t fair.  Madonna wore cool crosses and the kids at school did too.  They had fun flaunting their faith with style, pizazz and flair.   She made the rosary and crucifix into jewelry and took layering to a new extreme.  


And then she added a Jewish Star and OMFG!!!!


The coolest of the cool was wearing a Star of David.



As a society, we are used to images of obnoxious, gross, very large Judaic symbols.  (Madonna’s isn’t small by any means).  It was the Jewish grandpa on Miami beach wearing his mezuah, star or chai pendant on a thick gold chain that came instantly to mind.  You might argue with me and say your charm was meaningful and carried memories, but don’t forget this is my memories of what I saw as a kid, and would love to hear about yours in the comment section.

Now, back to my story:

These stereo-typical images are found on the big screen.  Here are two resourceful images I found that portrays the image of the symbolic pieces:

Other than that, there really was nothing on the market.  Unless, you were lucky enough to have someone you knew going to Israel, and they could hook you up with your name in Hebrew.  Remember this was pre-internet and Birthright so Israel was not on the top of the most-traveled list.


In 1989, my second trip to Israel, I remember getting my name in bold font Hebrew letters.  I was so cool, I didn’t even notice they spelled my name wrong.  Didn’t matter, I couldn’t read it anyhow.


Leaving the glamorous 1980s behind  and stepping into the late 1990s, there still was a void in faith-based Jewish jewelry.  Now, by this time I had learned to read, write and speak Hebrew.  My mom, selling jewelry at the time in her maternity shop, decided it was time to manufacture her own jewelry.  Enter Hebrew letter beads!



All of the sudden, there was modern Hebrew jewelry on the market, none of the likes seen before.  These cubes were fashioned after the English letter beads that were all the craze.


Popularity, Jewish, affordable


We hit on an idea that was void in the market.  The Jewish mothers loved us– !  Remember, this was still pre-internet days.


1996, baby


Thinking that we were a one hit wonder, we named the business after the beads. Alef Bet Jewelry.


Then someone asked us what else we had…..  and the answer was, “nothing.”  So, we scrambled and thought and designed and the rest is history.


If you still want to purchase these Hebrew necklaces, you can.  We really still do manufacture these beads from the original molds we made them in.


Confession– the image was taken on a regular pre-digital camera.  We used film.

And it was pre-photoshop.  So that is our only image that remains.  But, the jewelry is still shining and gorgeous and can be found at


Let us know your thoughts and what were your stories about seeing Madonna in a Jewish star?



How to Unknot Your Jewelry and Store it Correctly

Knots in jewerly

Don’t you HATE It when your jewelry becomes a huge tangled up mess?
It makes you crazy– I know!
Being in the jewelry business, it happens often.  The worst was while selling at a trunk show at Bloomingdales, and we had 12 dainty diamond pendants on one display.   They were all lined up nicely, overlapping one another and showing off their ability to be paired with other pieces.  It looked fabulous from the front.
Then it happened…
Someone wanted to try on a necklace.  While  attempting to remove the center necklace, the chains became intertwined with one and another and the knots started.  One-by-one the 12 necklaces all became a ball.
Imagine the image above x12.
Not a pretty sight at all.
It could have easily been avoided, had I followed the simple advice listed below.
First– storing the jewelry is important.
Do not store jewelry in a bag this way
How not to store jewelry
Never ever plop your jewelry into a bag.
That is where the damage begins.  It just sits in a bag and moves all around, back and forth on itself creating a nightmare of knots.  You go to wear it, pull it out of the baggie and you want to scream.  A jumbled up mess.
Use a poly bag to store jewelry
How to store jewelry correctly to prevent knots

This is how to correctly store the jewelry— dangle an inch of the chain out of the bag.  It cannot roll back on itself and become tangled.


Had I stored each chain on the back of the display following my own advice, in a small baggie,  I would have been spared hours of work.


Second: What happens when you do have a knot, so tightly wound up you can’t even wear the pendant? 

Do you consider throwing out the jewelry or sending it back to the manufacturer for them to repair?  Perhaps.  We have had customers do this.  We don’t recommend throwing it out or cutting it — there is a method to fixing the knots.

Step one: take a deep breath

Step two: turn on the television and grab a cup of wine (that is totally up to you, of course)

Step three: you will need 2 pins. These are your tools


Tools needed to unknot a chain

Step four: Put the pins into the tiny links inside of the chain and start pulling them apart.  Follow the knot, and eventually it will unloosen and become separated from the cluster of chain.

How to unknot a chain

Step five: This isn’t a race, it takes a long time.  Refer back to step one and two.
Remember, we were able to unknot 12 necklaces– so you can too.  Just be patient.
To see a video on this watch here
Alef Bet Jewelry has the plastic bags for sale, they are very inexpensive and come 100 in a bag.

Mitzvah + Red String Bendel Hamsa Bracelet

Can I help you with that?

This question was posed to us in a facebook group that I am a part of for online marketing.  A simple question, nothing is expected from one another but honest help.  No fees, no self-promotion, just help.


Anyone can do that, helping one another with business, work, e-commerce and SEO questions, etc.  But, when we really start to think about it, no, not everyone can help with that.  We don’t all have the same skill set, the same knowledge, the same language for that matter. There really are some brilliant people out there, and the little “pishers,” like me can easily get intimidated.


Then, I got to thinking about what I can do to help others.  I pondered on it, and then it occurred to me: I am helping.  My company set up a campaign online for a friend who had a terrible spinal infection that led to 2 weeks in the hospital with (hopefully only) temporary paralysis in both legs.  This is not a bragging post, but a thoughtful post on what we are all capable of doing to help others.  With Alef Bet Jewelry, a little business, I was able to sell and donate 100% of the proceeds of a red string bendel bracelet with a lucky “helping hand” charm to aide in the finances for the family.  With my friend being the sole-earner, this puts his family in a very difficult situation.

A mitzvah.

This Hebrew word says it all, “a good deed.”

Do a good deed for others, it is the ultimate act of kindness one can do another.  Well, there is way more to it than just that, but the “idea” of doing random acts of kindness and being generous and helpful to others is actually found in the Torah.

If you want to read about Robert, there was a Go Fund Me set up for him.  Another mitzvah by a random person he actually didn’t know very well, that took it upon himself to set up a page to help.

Amazing what we can do to help one another.  The power we have, the way we can lift each other up.  

If you’d like to buy the red string bracelet, I will gladly donate 100% to my friend.

May his recovery be 100%. 

Hamsa lucky red string bracelet

May we continue to inspire one another, help one another, and touch each other’s lives.  And as they asked in the facebook group, “Can I help you with that?”


hamsa hand worn for luck and prosperity
Red string bendel bracelet




Written Language and Jewelry

Do you Dress Like the Queen of the Nile?


The desire to ornament ourselves is deep, deep in our human DNA.  Archeological digs from every part of the world reveal that people have always loved to wear jewelry, even before they had written language. Aztec and Mayan glyphs depict royalty wearing earrings and belts made from the plumes of parrots and the iridescent wings of butterflies. Viking graves reveal aristocrats accessorized for the afterlife wearing strands of amber beads and intricately carved bronze torques, a solid, collar-like necklace with an opening at the front. And most famously, the Egyptians dressed for life—and death—in shimmering headdresses, bib necklaces, rings and cuffs of yellow gold set with lapis lazuli, carnelian and onyx.

Today’s trend is minimalist, compared with the wow-factor of these ancestral tastes. One of the reasons: written language.

Maybe you’re not up for dressing like the Queen of the Nile most days. A great pair of jeans and the perfect white tee-shirt may be more your style—but what takes this modern uniform from “whatever” to a fashion look is the right piece of gold jewelry. The simpler the better: a subtle but substantial piece of gold that rests close to your heart. Based on more than 15 years of designing jewelry, we find that the piece of gold jewelry most women want today is an sleek, refined necklace which incorporates the names of kids and grandchildren. Perhaps it’s just the first initial of your child. Just one character may say it all. Say it in English or Hebrew—we create name-necklaces in both languages using both alphabets. In fact, that’s how our design business got started, creating cube- “letter” beads in Hebrew when the tradition had just started (Alef Bet, for any of you who don’t know, means “A,B” in Hebrew!).

Hebrew Name necklace
Engraving a Hebrew name necklace

We create many variations on name-necklaces which are so easy to wear, each piece will become the favorite you want to wear everyday!

The power of the names of those we love has never been more precious as the world becomes more and more global. Your kids and grandchildren may live in your hometown, or may live, work and play on another continent. Keep them close with Skype, and with a name-necklace from Alef Bet.

Our favorite customer testimonial goes like this: a chic grandmother we know wears a 14-karat and diamond Alef Bet necklace of seemingly random letters: “D,D,M,R”. But the letters aren’t random at all: the characters stand for her sons David and Daniel, and her granddaughters Miriam and Ruth. But that explanation may not be necessary. When someone asks grandma what the letters mean, she says simply “My family.”



The Way We Were Now With Memory Jewelry Created from Your Photos

THE WAY WE WERE Grandmother and Grandchild



So even if you’re not a fan of Barbra’s (really?!?!?), you must agree that memories are a huge part of loving someone. Sometimes all we have is a snapshot—but now, that cherished photo can become an enduring piece of fine jewelry that lasts as long as the memory itself: the Alef Bet Memory Pendant by Paula’s Jewels. 

Perhaps you have grandma’s engraved locket, or her exquisitely thin wedding band. If you do have precious family heirlooms from past generations, all of us at Alef Bet encourage you to unlock the vault and enjoy them today! And suppose that that delicate little ring with the tiny opals and seed pearls doesn’t fit your finger, or quite honestly just isn’t your taste. Fine—pass it down now to someone in the family who will love it and wear it. There’s bound to be a birthday, a Bat Mitzvah or other joyous occasion in your calendar for now. “Now” being the key word!

But here at Alef Bet, we’re creating new jewelry to capture eternal memories. Using the newest technology to preserve a visual image, supplied by you in the form of a photograph, as a Memory Pendant. You’ll enjoy it forever as a piece of original, unique fine jewelry you’ll wear always. We create these keepsakes in 14 karat gold and sterling silver. We use precious metals (versus inexpensive base metals) not only because your memories are precious, but because these metals physically are more capable of capturing fine details when the metal is cast. Gold in particular is highly flexible as a substance, which is why it can be hammered into superfine sheets (aka, “gold leaf”) and drawn into very fine threads, forms of gold which have been treasured since ancient times for jewelry-making.

Capturing the subtle details of a face. The crooked grin that you’ll always remember. The way that unruly strand of hair always fell over his eye. The unmistakable family resemblance, perhaps, in a photograph snapped at a candid, spontaneous moment long ago.

Photo Used
Photo Used

Grandmother and Son Memory Pendant

Pendant Created


Now it’s yours forever, to wear next to your heart.


What we need to get started: the photo of your loved one, uploaded  in digital format or from a scanned photo emailed to us. Please remember that it is helpful for us to have a very sharp, clear, large image, so that we may create a detailed portrait in fine metals.  Also—tell us the story that goes with the face. When you send the photo, also feel free to share what you loved about the person. It will help us to hand-craft the image, knowing that your sister Shoshanna was a selfless dog-rescuer in spite of her allergies, or that your mother Miriam played the accordion, and was a blushing wallflower at family parties until the polkas started flowing!

See the entire collection at Amazon Handmade

We love making these pieces for our clients, and you might be surprised at the broad range of requests we receive. Of course our clients ask us to create these pieces for a loved one who has passed away, and this may be the most heartfelt way to wear our jewelry. But we also make photo-engraved pieces to celebrate a new life, with joyful the arrival of a new baby, or to capture the faces of newlyweds the moment they say “I do”—whether it was in 2016, 1960, or even 1916! We create every piece by hand with care, tenderness and respect. Please allow approximately 3 – 4 weeks for us to create your piece. Your Memory Pendant will be sent to your via United States Postal Service.

Shop the Memory Pendants Here



Black Diamonds are HOT!

The latest trend in accessories is black diamonds and silver.  

When you usually think of diamonds, they are white and set in 14k gold (white or yellow).  Not this new look!

Customers are trending towards blackened silver with diamonds.   Take a look at these two images:


They are actually the same necklace but worn 2 different ways.

*Notice the clasp, which is also set with diamonds.  Open it up, take off the charm and replace it with another.

*Want a long necklace, wear it long!

* Shorter, double it!

Clasp for interchangeable necklace


After all, a diamond is a diamond.



Share your look and passion for jewelry with us!!

Black diamond and clasp

See these and more online at


Feathers….And Tattoos


What is a feather and what is the meaning behind a feather tattoo?




When you think of fashion-forward jewelry you need to consider all of the jewelry out there, and break it down to what speaks to you.

Now, you might say what would a feather and a tattoo have to do with anything? Let’s begin….

Tattoo art is beautiful. Look closely at each tattoo and think of the imagery behind each symbol, each drawing. Regardless if you wear it on your body, admire it from afar, or choose to wear it as jewelry, the colors and strokes and movement is just that….art!

Our team had the privilege of having a LA based tattoo artist hand draw symbols that attracted us and we were then able to create those symbols into jewelry.

One of the symbols so prominent in our society is a feather. There is such rich history behind the feather, that really begins with the Native American belief system based on Animism.  Animism embodies the spiritual idea that all natural things within the universe, including birds, have souls or spirits.  They believe that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in birds and their feathers and that they possesses an inherent virtue, power and wisdom. Pretty cool!

Another one I love is that feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees. Feathers arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose. They can be a sign from the angels or loved ones that they are near – that they hear you, guide you and are supporting you. A sort of way of saying hello and they are watching over you, taking care that everything will be “ok.”

Now if that doesn’t sell you on the meaning of a feather I don’t know what will!

Ok, perhaps then we should actually look at the jewelry design itself and follow its route from idea to creation.  So, back to the beginning of the journey….

We meet with this tattoo artist, he draws this amazing feather and our team inputs the drawing into the computer, cleans it up, cuts an aluminum mold, casts the silver and creates the dog tag pendant. When that process has finished, we take hand-wire-wrapped gemstones and attach the feather charm to the necklace. Viola!!!

Meaning of a feather tattoo and see it worn on a necklace

Here you have it! A sterling silver and 14k gold plated feather on a strand of turquoise gemstones. Perfect for a loved one, perfect for a guy or girl, perfect for yourself.

To see it online, click here.