Initial Diamond Bangle Bracelets

Initial Bangle Bracelet
Personalized diamond initial bangle bracelet


Alef Bet’s new diamond initial bangle bracelets in 14k gold and set with diamonds are the new “hot” piece of jewelry for Spring 2015.  Each bracelet can be personalized with your own initials, your loved one’s or your child’s initials.


Designed for stacking, or layering, these bracelets are set with .08 to .10 ct full cut diamonds in each.  Shown above are the initials of the two owners of Alef Bet, Paula Brooks and Alissa Haroush.  Slide the bangles sideways on your wrist rather then over your hand.  The look is current, fashionable and functional as well.


Who wouldn’t love these new diamond bangles!!

New Diamond Rings for your Hand

No longer are there stacking rings that make a statement on your hand, but now there are middle finger and pointer rings to make an elegant yet bold statement.

Alef Bet Jewelry features X rings, seismograph rings, sphere rings and more that sit nicely on your hand and for absolute jewelry enjoyment!!!


Triangle Ring
Triangle Abstract Diamond Ring
Diamond ring sphere shaped
Diamond sphere ring


Earthquake Diamond Ring
Seismograph Diamond Ring

Shema Israel Hebrew Necklace

Shema Israel Sterling Silver Necklace
Shema Yisrael Necklace in Silver


Wearing the Shema Yisrael necklace is like holding a precious gift close to your heart.   The Hebrew prayer, Shema, translates as “Hear O’Israel, The Lord is Our G-d, The Lord is One.”  -Deuteronomy 6:4.


The Shema prayer is the considered the most important prayer in Judaism, stating that Jews have only One G-d, there are no others.  Keeping the faith close by, not only in your heart and soul, but on your body is a beautiful statement.  Necklace comes in silver, gold-plate or rose-plate and all have a single brightly shining stone in the upper corner.  Like a smile smiling down on you….


See the Shema Necklace on by clicking here.