What’s Arm Candy

Is arm candy really candy? 

According to urban dictionary it is a hot date.  An especially attractive date, escort or other companion to a special event, though not someone necessarily chosen for their intellectual company (wink, wink).   More on the simply to appear important, wealthy or worthy of attention type of company.

And now enters our idea of “arm candy!”  Feast your eyes on these hot babes!!

This a real party, or arm-candy.  It is good to look at, has no calories, never ages or rots, doesn’t talk back and is the perfect date.

You’re probably wondering how to make a party like this, well, it’s rather simple.

First, don’t be afraid of colors.  Notice the silver, rose gold, red and blue here.  There are fakes lurking on the arm and over 2ct of diamonds set in real 14k gold.  No one cares about the combination, but what they do care about is the look.  I can feast my eyes on this stack just as easily as a hunk of a guy who walks in at a party.  In fact, my eyes might go from the guy to the lady wearing this in less than 3 seconds flat.


My favorite kind is like this, good on the eyes and leaves no calories lurking behind.  Hence, the word “arm candy.”  A modern day arm candy, but candy all the same.



hamsa and opal star of david bracelets

Labradorite Gemstones and Lucky Hamsas

Hamsa jewelry is all the rage right now.  Who hasn’t heard about the alluring power of the hand and the luck it provides?  If you haven’t, well read our post about hamsas by clicking here.

While purchasing gemstones to make jewelry, the grey to black gemstone, called labradorite, interspersed with black needle-like lines, was fascinating.

Hamsa bracelet with labradorite gemstones
Hamsa bracelet with labradorite gemstones


According to an Eskimo legend, along the coast of Labrador northern lights were once imprisoned in the rocks. One night, a wandering Eskimo warrior found them and with a mighty blow of this spear, was able to free most of the lights.  Some of the lights were still trapped within the stone, making the needle-like imagery and allowing almost an iridescent play of colors.  As a result we now have  the beautiful mineral known as labradorite.

Hamsa jewelry with lucky grey gemstones
Hamsa Necklace with Labradorite










In reality, labradorite was originally discovered in St. Paul Island, Labrador, Canada in 1770 but is also found in Australia, Finland, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Newfoundland, Norway, Russia and the United States.  It is known as spectrolite and often called black moonstone. The Eskimo legend sounds much more interesting, a little folklore always lures the reader in with visions of a cold night, warm furs bundling up the warrior.

Originally chosen for its beauty and dark hues, with a little research we learn that labradorite also increases energy, reduces stress and anxiety, and is said to protect its wearer from danger.  However, when reading about its aiding in anti-aging, and providing its wearer with a healthy body and good fortune, well —one can totally rethink its medicinal qualities!  Why not look good while wearing stylish jewelry?

Star of David necklace with labradorite gemstones
Star of David jewelry



Here are a few designs using labradorite that can be found at Alef Bet Jewelry.


Oynx and Evil Eye Necklace
Oynx and Evil Eye with Diamond Necklace

 It’s no secret that the “anti-aging” market represents the biggest segment of consumer spending today.  No one wants to grow old gracefully, and today men as well as women spend billions and billions of  dollars trying to keep their skin taut and smooth, their hair gloriously abundant, their bodies firm and perky, even as the decades roll on.

And it’s not just Boomers who are obsessed with staying young. Today everything from pomegranate juice (yum) to exfoliants are marketed as preventive aging, to people in their 20s, as well as to more mature buyers.

Frankly, it’s exhausting. But we do have a suggestion—a Hamsa, an “eye” pendant, or even a piece of jewelry designed after the life-giving pomegranate!

Pomegranante Pendant
Pomegranate Jewlery

The Hamsa is a hand-shaped pendant which has been worn across the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa for millennia. The “eye” of course is an amulet which  resembles an eye, with an equally long history in the same areas of the world.  Both are traditional talismans for protecting the wearer from the so-called  evil eye.

Coincidentally, I suppose, the eyes and the hands are the first parts of our bodies to show our age. These are the two areas where our skin is the thinnest. Because the skin  here is so thin, fine lines and wrinkles show up here first as the result of constant UV exposure, weather, stress and repetitive gestures (smiling, frowning). Hands in particular are tattle-tales when it comes to age, because they contain no oil-glands—they often look older than the rest of us!

Moisture is key to keeping the skin young, as the manufacturers of zillions of skin care brands will tell you. Again, perhaps coincidentally, moisture plays a role in the concept of the evil eye.  The brilliant Dr. Alan Dundes, who taught at the University of California at Berkeley, wrote a landmark essay on the history of the evil eye, observing that the ill effect of the “eye” was always dehydration. He surmised that because the tradition arose in the Middle East, where water has always been scarce, the worst possible thing that could happen would be for an oasis or well to run dry, or  for drought to blight the land, as is happening in Africa today. This would cause your flocks and  orchards to perish. Other metaphorical losses symbolized by moisture-loss—for instance, loss of sexual potency and fertility—are also
associated with the “eye”, and guarded against with the Hamsa and eye amulets.

The aging process really consists of several factors—genetics, stress, conditions, attitude.  Other than a good skin care regimen, especially eye and hand-cream (our favorites: Dermalogica Hand and Nail Treatment, Intensive Eye Repair, Total Eye Carehttp://dermalogica.com), what can really be done? To wear in good health, whatever your age, and to see you safely from one year and one decade to the next, we recommend #gwn-f, a modern silver Hamsa with small “eye”, #ww17,  our Diamond “eye” pendant with your choice of gemstone strands, and for even  juicier protection, try # Pom5, our Ruby Pomegranate necklace, set in 14karat rose gold.

Getting older? Mazel tov—
and go in style.