When Your Feet Hurt Wear Cute Jewelry

New shoes, new jewelry. 


Ladies– do you have a hard time shopping for shoes?  Not based on style, but on how they feel on your feet?


I have the hardest time!  I mean, my feet constantly ache.  It is the arch of my foot that just throbs.  I guess I could go to the doctor, but why? I think as a woman, we just like to suffer.  I really do.


I would rather moan and groan and shrug in pain whenever I step down from bed every morning than deal with appointments and doctor offices.

I just would.  

However, I have found that massages really help my feet pain.  My Peruvian friend said to me a few years back, come to my “sobadora” she is the best.  Now, I am sure that I am misspelling the Spanish word, so feel free to comment on my error.  But, basically, she is a lady that works out of her garage and pushes and pulls and moves tendons and ligaments and nerves back into place.  There is much screaming in pain during the whole process, it is not for the weak at heart.

But it works!!!

I would travel every Sunday to see her, a four hour trip, for almost a year.  Unfortunately, she passed away.  And unfortunate for me, my feet hurt still.

As I am off trying to find the next “sobador” I am still finding it hard to find cute and comfy shoes.  I did buy these slip-ons, aka mules of some sort at DSW.  They have a bit of an arch and padding.  Let’s hope for the best.

And they look awfully cute with simple gold jewelry.  I gotta admit they do.  

If you want to see these cute bracelets go to Alefbet.com and for the shoes, check out DSW.



Onto the next Sobador and Chinese Foot Massage…. the journey continues!

What’s Arm Candy

Is arm candy really candy? 

According to urban dictionary it is a hot date.  An especially attractive date, escort or other companion to a special event, though not someone necessarily chosen for their intellectual company (wink, wink).   More on the simply to appear important, wealthy or worthy of attention type of company.

And now enters our idea of “arm candy!”  Feast your eyes on these hot babes!!

This a real party, or arm-candy.  It is good to look at, has no calories, never ages or rots, doesn’t talk back and is the perfect date.

You’re probably wondering how to make a party like this, well, it’s rather simple.

First, don’t be afraid of colors.  Notice the silver, rose gold, red and blue here.  There are fakes lurking on the arm and over 2ct of diamonds set in real 14k gold.  No one cares about the combination, but what they do care about is the look.  I can feast my eyes on this stack just as easily as a hunk of a guy who walks in at a party.  In fact, my eyes might go from the guy to the lady wearing this in less than 3 seconds flat.


My favorite kind is like this, good on the eyes and leaves no calories lurking behind.  Hence, the word “arm candy.”  A modern day arm candy, but candy all the same.



hamsa and opal star of david bracelets

Stacking Bracelets 101


Deciding how to stack and layer your bracelets can, at times, be overwhelming. There are so many bracelets, bangles, cuffs available…the options are unlimited! Here are some ways to help make the decision easier and make you more confident when rocking your bangle sets!


To decide on the style of your personal bracelet stack, think of your own style and personality first. Are you the classy, elegant type of girl or do you prefer cool and laidback outfits? Do you love natural colors or are you more into sparkling and girly stuff? Or are you a combination of the above? Asking yourself these questions is a great way of becoming aware of your own personality and style. Remember: you are unique and your personal bracelet stack should match YOU!

bracelet bracelets2

To narrow down the options for the combination of your choice let’s take a closer look at the style of your soon-to-be-bracelet stack. An important question you’ll want to ask yourself here is: do I want my bracelet stack to match and compliment my wardrobe or do I want it to really stand out and be the eye-catching part of it? This will give you a rough idea of what your bracelet stack will look like.

diamond initial cuff bracelet


Once you have an idea of the stack’s style in mind, it is important to make your decision on a color scheme. We have two main options here: the first one is to choose a specific color and/or metal and stick with it. This option is perfect if you either have a bold color as your all time favorite (like pink or purple) or if you prefer to dress in a specific color theme.

Colorful opal hamsa bracelets

Judaic Themed Cable Bracelets

The second option is to mix and match different colors or metals to create your personal bracelet combination. In line with your personal style and the stack’s style you decided on, you can either combine colors of the same color family here or go all bold and crazy by combining different colors with lots of contrast.

Visit alefbet.com to see more great choices.


Bracelets with a Judaic Flair

Jewish Star macrame bracelet
Jewish Star Bracelet with black diamonds

There are many ways to wear jewelry.  Some days you can be classy, edgy, mis-matchy, sophisticated… You get my drift.  However, the one nice thing with style these days is that nothing really has to match.  Bracelets for sure need no rhyme or reason….pile those on and clink clank away!

Judaic Good Luck Bracelets
Judaic Good Luck Bracelets

Cable Bracelets Galore


Stack them up, pile the bracelets on!
Judaic Themed Cable Bracelets
Too Many Bracelets?


Ok, so the style nowadays is bracelets. Bracelets stacked, piled on high, jingling and jangling on your wrist!

I have to admit I love the sound of the clanking and movement on my arm as my bracelets hit against one another making a soft melody of sorts. 

I call it jewelry music to my ears.

This image is of stainless steel cable bracelets set in sterling silver with diamonds.

The evil eye design has a large center sapphire, worn to bring you good luck.

The nice thing about the steel metal is that is doesn’t tarnish as silver does.


Clank, clank, clink, clink. How many can you wear at once?


Each design is available in four colors: rose, silver, black, gold

a) hamsa with two hearts

b) rondels

c) tri-color cuff

d) evil eye

e) triple hearts

f) circles

g-j) triple six pointed stars aka Jewish Stars

k) Chai — Hebrew for Life

 And if you wanted a matching ring with all luck symbols, well hey…. take a peek here!