Healing Jewelry

Often times we are in need of healing. Be it for ourselves or for a loved one, we need a blessing. 

Healing Prayer Necklace
Healing Prayer Necklace


In Numbers, Chapter 12 , Miriam is stricken with leprosy as a punishment by God and her two brothers, Moses and Aaron, pray for her to be healed. Moses asks that God heal his sister, uttering “el na refa’na la – oh God, I pray, heal her now” (Numbers 12:13).  This was not only an act of brotherly love for caring for his sister, but a direct call for divine intervention for healing. 

Alef Bet designed this particular healing prayer necklace as a result of so many customers asking for a piece of symbolic healing jewelry for themselves or to gift to someone in need.  “Finding this prayer was perfect, not only is it from the Torah, but it is as feminine as is the pendant itself,” states Alissa.  Reciting the name of one in need, or just sharing your personal concern for one who is ill, are all acts of healing.  Just as prayer is personal, so is helping a loved one (or yourself) through a difficult time. 

El Na Hebrew prayer jewelry for healing
El Na Hebrew prayer jewelry for healing


Wishing you blessing, wishing you healing.

Old Friends

Old Friends
1976 Photo Old Friends

Sometimes we have to stop in life and think about what we do have rather than what we don’t. We run, drive, buy, complain, text, email……….and then we get a call from a friend we grew up with that they have breast cancer.

My dear friend, who I lived next to from the age of one, called me a few weeks ago with that terrible phone call you never want to get, cancer.  Now, we haven’t stayed in touch on a regular basis. Some years yes, others no. We have been present at births and birthday parties, and more recently put in better touch through Facebook. But, when you get that call– it is as if you are brought back to childhood, like you never were apart.

I am the first to admit I am not a great shoulder to lean on. I just am not. I would rather hide than tell you how sorry I feel for you, I just stink at that area. I admit it.

Today though, I toughened up and did the mitzvah of bikur holim (visiting the sick). I sat with my old friend, heard her story, saw her pain. And you know what, I was enlightened. I saw strength and power and the will to survive breast cancer. I saw energy as I really haven’t seen it before, and I am positive my friend will overcome this horrible experience in her young life now. I am positive.

To old friends and new, have a mammogram. It just might save a life.

Breast Cancer Support Group| Pink-Link.org

From the Pink-Link Newsletter July 2011:

The founders and creators of AlefBet by Paula Jewelry are a mother-daughter design team
based in Los Angeles. They are both Jewish mothers, by the way! They create
works of art which people wear next to their skin. Often, these creations honor
a special occasion, such as a wedding, or a Bat Mitzvah. Their work is created
with love, and they know that this is felt when the jewelry is worn.

They’re happy to share with the PINK-LINK community a very special item in their collection, the pendant and bracelet they created for “A
Complete Healing.”

A Complete Healing Bracelet
Healing Jewelry


These modern, feminine pieces feature the blessing,
Refuah Shelma M’Hashamyaim” – “A complete healing”—Hebrew on one side,
English on the other. The text is inscribed in a delicate font on a gold-dipped
plate, surrounded by a delicate scrollwork border. A dainty, oxidized sterling
silver chain adds an antique feeling to these pieces.


Their customers purchase them for a number of reasons. Of  course, you might purchase and wear either or both of these pieces when you are
ill, or perhaps when you have endured a significant loss, and are in recovery.


They’ve also heard of people wearing these pieces on behalf
of someone else who is ill, or suffering in some way. The reminder of the
bracelet or pendant creates opportunities throughout the day and night to offer
a prayer for that person—or just “good vibes”, if you prefer.


Inspired by PINK-LINK and all of the lives it touches, they’re adding a special pink bead to their “Complete Healing” set, beginning
with the offer made exclusively on this site. They’ll also add the pink bead to
these two pieces during the month of October.


You may also choose to wear these pieces as a meditation for the world at large. Our world is in need of complete healing. May it start
with each of us.