Suburgatory + Judaic Jewelry

A wonderful treat happened to us today!  The costume designer from the upcoming ABC Show, Suburgatory, called and asked us to send over quite a few samples of Stars of David and Chai pendants!  Now, I haven’t seen the show, no one has yet, but I assume there is a Jewish character on the show.  I will set the DVR to record the new show and keep you posted on any news!

Jewish Star Necklace sent to Suburgatory
Star of David Necklace sent to Suburgatory

Natalie Portman’s Baby Alef

I thought I wouldn’t chime in here about the name Alef, but according to People magazine, the name gets an A+.

Natalie Portman


I know it is special, it is unique, it represents beginnings and the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  You can read about the Hebrew letters here if you want to be educated.  Ok, all I am saying is that the name is the basis for teasing.  I mean come on, we have the company name Alef Bet and people crack up and think they are so unique by asking, “hey where’s the gimel?”  I just feel for this little guy, he will be tormented by questions, “where’s bet?”  Or better yet, when they learn the Hebrew alphabet in preschool and they start with “alef- bet- vet, gimel- dalet -hey….” Oh my, I get goose bumps.

But hey, I might be wrong.  The Jewish Journal thinks the name is better than some of the other celebrities.

I did name my oldest daughter Myahn.  Maybe I, too,  am a rebel?

What do you think?

Star Gazing

As you know, people of the Mediterranean and the Middle East have been using traditional jewelry to ward off the “evil” eye and bring them good luck for…well, for as many generations as the pomegranate has seeds.

These amulets and talismans were not really a fashion-statement. Often, they consisted of no more than a single blue bead on a leather strand. Like a good pair of boots or a good hat, they served a functional purpose—mainly, for protection.

But, guess what: the Beautiful People have discovered these ancient emblems of protection, and they’ve become glamorous. We especially love the fact that brilliant businesswoman Lynda Resnick wears a red bendel bracelet in her executive portrait. By the way, we are in no way suggesting that Ms. Resnick, or any of the other celebs, is wearing a piece of Alef Bet jewelry—we only wish. But, it’s still cool. Ms. Resnick is the strategic powerhouse behind POMWonderful, the brand who put fresh pomegranate juice, cleaned pomegranate arils (seeds) and other fantastic pomegranate products on the shelves of mainstream American supermarkets. Her Los Angeles-based company also owns Fiji Water and Teleflora. Did the magical red thread around her wrist help it all to happen? Couldn’t hurt.

And check out these pics of LiLo, Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Rihanna and even Paris Hilton riffing on the Evil eye theme. Since the rich and famous inspire so much envy, again, a little traditional protection certainly could not be a bad thing.