Black Diamonds are HOT!

The latest trend in accessories is black diamonds and silver.  

When you usually think of diamonds, they are white and set in 14k gold (white or yellow).  Not this new look!

Customers are trending towards blackened silver with diamonds.   Take a look at these two images:


They are actually the same necklace but worn 2 different ways.

*Notice the clasp, which is also set with diamonds.  Open it up, take off the charm and replace it with another.

*Want a long necklace, wear it long!

* Shorter, double it!

Clasp for interchangeable necklace


After all, a diamond is a diamond.



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Black diamond and clasp

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What Chain Length?

Chain lengths made simple from 16" to 46"
Need to know which chain length is best for you? This chain length display helps visualize the length desired.


Always wondering where your chain will fall when you see the drop down list on the check out page?  Or when a store asks you what length do you want the necklace?


Guess no longer!


Print this page, post it, share it, save it, bookmark it and take the guess work out of deciding!!