Hanukkah Dessert Table Idea

When someone says they are the hostesss with the mostess, I do not hesitate to reply, “NOT ME!”  This Hanukkah season though, I decided to host a Chanukkah party for my Jewish and non-Jewish friends.  Thinking about making over 100 latkas and the stink that would linger in the house for days was not an option.  So, a dessert and appetizer party was the next big idea.  I practiced making sufganiyot (twice), they didn’t work out well. So, as the stench of the oil lingered in the house and the idea of sufganiyot cooled like hot oil in a pan, plan C was created.

Hanukkah Table Display
Chanukah dessert table display

Pinterest  was a wonderful helper in my Chanukkah party and display.  The site said to create a donut-dipping party, and that solved the failed sufganiyot disaster.  Little trays of sprinkles and icing were placed on the table with donut holes that I bought at the local donut shop.  A few baked and bought cakes, cupcakes and cookies and voila~ the party began to take place.  The adorable printables I found online and printed at Kinkos.  The cute Chanukiah was actually from bought from the Dollar Tree and so were the plates and cupcakes displays…gotta love the local Dollar Stores!


The party favors for the kids stole the show however.  I ordered 100 plastic dreidles from Judaism.com and put them in a small bag with hershey kisses and directions how to play the dreidle game.  I googled it, no credit given to myself whatsoever.

Dreidle Game Rules
Printable dreidle game rules

All in all with a few mojitos, beer and lots of yummy desserts this year’s Chanukkah party was a total hit!  And the clean up was easy since most of the directions were bought at the Dollar Store, didn’t feel bad tossing them out!  Onto next year…..