St. Patricks Day and Lepruchans

No seriously, who doesn’t wear green for St. Patrick’s Day?  I remember as a kid saying, “hey, don’t pinch me even my underwear are green!”

My mom always thought this green day was just the best, and trust me, we don’t have a single Irish relative.  Green food dominated the day– green bagels, green drinks, green plates and silverware, green pasta, and salad of course.  Us kids now ask if we are having green dinner once again this St. Patrick’s Day.

This week in school my little one in kindergarten had to make a lepruchaun trap for her homework.  We had a blast decorating our oatmel box and cutting out shamrocks.  All the while explaining how  lepruchauns are tricky little guys as big as your thumb and like gold. 

lepruchan trap St. patricks day
Lepruchaun trap

I guess the point of this blog is that sometimes celebrations are just that– celebrations.  It really doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are– sometimes holidays are about being silly and giggling– regardless of the background or meaning of it.  I wish life was that simple……..  In the meantime I have to think about what is green to eat this March 17th!