Friendship is Like a Rare Diamond | Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula

These fingers might look like a good manicure and a ring to you, but really they represent so much more.

diamond ring
Chain ring with diamond in 14k gold

When I saw it was #nationalbestfriendday the other week on Instagram, my friend Heather came to mind.


This story is actually quite unique:  we met at a gift show in NYC, when her mom bought her jewelry from us.  It was the last piece of jewelry her mother ever bought her.  From then on, she made it a point to visit us every 6 months at the show and our friendship developed.  She lives in Ny and we are in Ca.


She believes in us as a company, has invited me into her home, encourages us to keep going and is our #1 fan. And besides that, she is a gem. A diamond.


So, those fingers modeling our new ring that she designed, that is the fingers of a true friend, a diamond.

diamond chain ring

Stackable Rings Trend Here to Last


Fashion is ever changing and not remaining in one place for too long. It’s a rare thing when something stays on trend for longer than a season or two but when it does then you know that it’s probably one worth participating in. The stackable ring trend is one of those long lasting trends, and I am SO happy about that. People are still showcasing their stacked rings on multiple Pinterest boards, blog posts, and in magazine articles. 2016’s trend of stackable rings is not going anywhere in 2017.

November 16, 2013 - Blog posts shooting with Elisa Dahan for

Ring Stacking How-to:

Try starting with a delicate and/or sparkly ring as the foundation? But don’t stop there, Alef Bet Jewelry offers a wide variety of rings that are perfect options for the stackable ring trend. From high-end to low, stackable rings are making their mark. Many fashion experts suggest an anything-goes mentality that employs a selection of varying sizes, shapes and colors. While another advises choosing one metal (gold, rose gold, silver or platinum) or one color and then playing with textures. But I believe you the only rule is – there are no rules! This is fashion and fashion should express you and your beautiful personality! So no matter how you stack, strive for a cohesive look that makes you feel good.

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Wedding or Promise Ring in Hebrew

Hebrew wedding ring
Ani l’dodi ring in Hebrew

Throughout history, wearing a wedding ring was a sign of the commitment ‘you’
are making to your partner and to your marriage. The ring was and remains a
“constant sign of your own rededication and recommitment to this relationship,”
as well as a means of acknowledging this publicly.

The ring that you
wear, that was placed on your finger by your loved one on the wedding day, does
not represent your commitment to your marriage, your love for your spouse, your
faithfulness. It represents the commitment, love and faithfulness of your
partner to you. “Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.” The ring is
a reminder of the promise that another has made to you and of the promise that
God has made to you both.

One beautiful tradition says that a Jewish
wedding band should be simple and unbroken. A smooth ring portends an untroubled
life, and the continuity of the Jewish wedding rings represents the hope for an
everlasting marriage.

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Evil Eye Knuckle Ring


Wear this lucky, protective evil eye ring on any knuckle or any finger.
Evil eye Knuckle Ring


So the new craze, the latest look is wearing a ring on the top part of your finger aka the knuckle.  No longer do you have to just layer bracelets and necklaces, but now you can layer the rings on your fingers as well!


Be stylish, be protected, be cool and add a knuckle ring with a sparkling evil eye to your hand!


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New Diamond Rings for your Hand

No longer are there stacking rings that make a statement on your hand, but now there are middle finger and pointer rings to make an elegant yet bold statement.

Alef Bet Jewelry features X rings, seismograph rings, sphere rings and more that sit nicely on your hand and for absolute jewelry enjoyment!!!


Triangle Ring
Triangle Abstract Diamond Ring
Diamond ring sphere shaped
Diamond sphere ring


Earthquake Diamond Ring
Seismograph Diamond Ring