Jewish Stars are the #1 Hanukkah Gift in 2017


What we’re gifting this Hanukkah 2017 is gold Jewish Star necklaces.  


As seen in December’s issue of  Hadassah Magazine , this year’s hottest and most popular jewelry gifts are Jewish Star necklaces.

Made from solid yellow 14k gold, a delicate Star is exactly what our customers are clamouring for and they can be found online at


“What we love about the diamond star is that is it unique, and so different,” says Paula, owner at Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula.  The diamonds do not disappoint, as they sparkle brilliantly just like the flames of the chanukkiah.  If diamonds aren’t your style, perhaps a simple Star is.  There is actually nothing “simple” about this Star of David, it’s beauty is in the meaning and the design.


Have a wonderful Hanukkah, may it be filled with many blessings, health and love!!




Shema Israel Prayer Jewelry

shena yisrael jewelry
Shema Israel prayer in Hebrew

When thinking of the Shema Yisrael prayer you usually don’t assosciate Justin Bieber and Jewish prayers.  But, according to the tabloids, he recites the Shema  before each concert.  Well, since the majority of us readers don’t perform in concerts, we can’t brag about saying the Shema prior to performing.  However, what we can take credit for is saying the Shema Yisrael during morning and evening daily prayers, or when we are able to pray.

The Shema prayer is based on the first two words found in Deuteronomy 6:4, in the Torah.   This first verse expresses the very basic belief of Judaism: monotheism.  The belief in One G-d. It is traditional for Jews to utter the Shema as their last words, as well as for parents to teach their children to say it before going to sleep at night. “Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.”

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָד – Sh’ma Yisra’el YHWH Eloheinu YHWH Eḥad
Shema Israel Jewelry
Shema Israel Necklace

Sh’ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad – Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One

Since the Shema is such an important prayer, the idea of wearing it came about.  Huh?  Well, why not take the words from the prayer, as beautiful as they are, and make them shine and sparkle.  Hence, the idea of Shema jewelry came about and now is Alef Bet Jewelry’s  best selling line.
Wearing a symbol of your religion doesn’t have to only be limited to a Star, mezuzah or Chai anymore.  Words can represent pride, heritage and Judaism just as a Magen David necklace does.

Shema Yisrael Jewish prayer necklace
Shema Yisrael Hebrew prayer jewelry


Bracelets with a Judaic Flair

Jewish Star macrame bracelet
Jewish Star Bracelet with black diamonds

There are many ways to wear jewelry.  Some days you can be classy, edgy, mis-matchy, sophisticated… You get my drift.  However, the one nice thing with style these days is that nothing really has to match.  Bracelets for sure need no rhyme or reason….pile those on and clink clank away!

Judaic Good Luck Bracelets
Judaic Good Luck Bracelets

Cable Bracelets Galore


Stack them up, pile the bracelets on!
Judaic Themed Cable Bracelets
Too Many Bracelets?


Ok, so the style nowadays is bracelets. Bracelets stacked, piled on high, jingling and jangling on your wrist!

I have to admit I love the sound of the clanking and movement on my arm as my bracelets hit against one another making a soft melody of sorts. 

I call it jewelry music to my ears.

This image is of stainless steel cable bracelets set in sterling silver with diamonds.

The evil eye design has a large center sapphire, worn to bring you good luck.

The nice thing about the steel metal is that is doesn’t tarnish as silver does.


Clank, clank, clink, clink. How many can you wear at once?


Each design is available in four colors: rose, silver, black, gold

a) hamsa with two hearts

b) rondels

c) tri-color cuff

d) evil eye

e) triple hearts

f) circles

g-j) triple six pointed stars aka Jewish Stars

k) Chai — Hebrew for Life

 And if you wanted a matching ring with all luck symbols, well hey…. take a peek here!

Jewish Star Men’s Jewelry with Drake in Mind.

Wouldn't Drake look good in a Jewish Star Necklace?









Men Men Men Men Men and jewelry!  I can’t tell you how many times we get asked for Bar Mitzvah jewelry for boys or just, “what do you have for men?!”  My response is always the same, “they are so hard!”  Why?  I mean really, can’t they all just wear a huge chai design?  It means “life”, it represents longevity, has the Jewish/Hebrew factor in it, what else do they need?

Alas, I know as well as you that all men are different and want style.  Ok, I get it.  I just have such a hard time designing for men!  Then I thought of the singer Drake (click here if you don’t know who I mean), the one who is always known first as an artist, then as a Jew.  I guess that it isn’t everyday you see one of the hottest musician out there being Jewish, but hey, we live in a modern age, but that is a different blog for a different day.

There is a large, or rather extra large Star of David necklace that was Drake-inspired.  Thinking of which handsome, tall, popular singer would wear this necklace that oooozed style….and this design was created.  Wouldn’t this Jewish Star look fabulous on Drake?

jewish star necklace
Jewish Star for Men

Well, on any guy that is over 6ft and likes to wear jewelry.  Are you that man?  Do you know that man?  I have yet to meet him, but if you know how to contact Drake, I would love him to send him this necklace.  Dreams……..


Great Quotes about Alef Bet

So, there are some great quotes out there.  I won’t even try to list the famous ones. Then, there are the funny quotes that have to do with the company you own.

Currently we are exhibiting at the Union of  Reform Judaism Biennial in Washington DC.  This show takes place every 2 years, so after more than 6 shows, we have established a following.

Today, a lady said to us, “I am still wearing your Star of David!  Lasted longer than my marriage!”

Yep, great quotes……..


Im Jewish and Im Know It

I'm Sexy and I know it
Jewish Parody

Ok, sit down and turn up your speakers!  The new LMFAO song is now on You Tube, but it is called Im Jewish and Im Know it.  Hysterical?  Of course.  My kids are watching it and now walking around the house singing, “I’m Jewish and I know it!”

I do think it is as ridiculous as the Kat Graham video we posted about a few months ago.  This one you can really laugh out loud with.  Using your bar mitzvah to pay…..  Fill in the lines, or better yet let us know your opinion.

If you want to see the real video, click here.  You might just find you like the new Jewish version on the beach in Tel Aviv a little bit more!


Silver Two Tone Jewelry + Day 2 NYIGF

Star Jewelry Silver and Gold Plated
Star Of David Necklace

Day Two NYIGF:

Day two just ended at the wholesale NY gift show.  A trend of silver jewelry that is plated in both black and gold color was the highlight of the day.  The color treatment adds creativity, or “art” to the jewelry, and there are no worries about it wearing off.

The design shown was the necklace of choice, combining a little love, peace and faith on one design.


Well, what is it exactly?  In Hebrew a Star of David is called a Magen David, a shield of David, not a star at all. 

I find it very interesting, and will slowly try to map out the history.  Lets start at the beginning.

The actual shape of the Star is a hexagon, two equal triangles.  This first began showing up around the 12th century in a Karaite document called Eshkol Ha-Kofer by the Karaite Judah Hadassi, as a protective Jewish amulet.  It came from Psalm 18, the poems of King David, where G-d is compared to a shield granting Divine protection.

“Seven names of angels precede the mezuzah: Michael, Gabriel, etc. … Tetragrammaton protect you! And likewise the sign, called the ‘Shield of David’, is placed beside the name of each angel.”[9]

 However, there are even earlier signs from the 3rd century where the hexagons (the star) was used as a decorative piece on a tombstone in the Galilee.

This marks the beginning of the history of the “shield of David.”  I will continue to write more on this symbol of the modern day Jewish People.