Where are the Images?

Ok, so we switched hosting/software companies and practically every image we had online is gone.  Went to alef bet  cyber-heaven I fear.  As you can see by the post about Valentine’s Day, all the images are gone. Cyber-heaven again I fear.

On a positive note, I always like to look at that side over the bad, we will soon have a great site up!  The new software will let us do reviews, coupons, massive promotions, gift certificates, etc.  I can even do a “groupon” type coupon now. 

So, if you are looking for images on past blogs, or if you are calling to say, “where is the ……..?”  It is coming back. Slowly. But it is coming back one item at a time, manually put in by me.

Preparing for the winter giftshow

We are busy busy busy preparing for the giftshow this coming week in New York. These shows are hard, the set up alone is 12 hours and the days begin at 9am. We smile and write orders and wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything!

It is so rewarding hearing the stores come in to the booth and tell you how the jewelry sold and they have nothing in stock. We have made long and lasting relationships with many of our stores, and we cherish each relationship!

Looking forward to this show!

Chai Jewelry

Bendel bracelets are worn for good luck and protection.  There is an additional chai charm on the bracelet that means long life in Hebrew by combining the two Hebrew letters “chet and yud”.  The tradition behind wearing a red string is that when it unravels or falls off, you were protected.  The color red is worn for in many cultures as a sign of protection.

Palo Alto Jewish Festival

Well, this weekend I will be at the Palo Alto Jewish Street Festival.  I like doing festivals. Everyone is happy, families are out– a general overall good feeling.  We don’t exhibit at many retail shows, but decided to give this one a try again after a few years.  The prep for a show is hard.  Have to pull merchandise, price it, discount certain items and then figure out how to display it all in a 10×10 outdoor booth.  Hard work!  But, it sounds pretty easy when comparing it to a glass or ceramic artist that has to individually wrap each piece and ship. 

We’ll be making the 6 hour drive up to Northern CA this weekend.  Hope the people come out in droves to stop and say hello!  If you’re there, stop by.  Alef Bet Jewelry is the name.

Why Wear Protection?

Seems like a little protection is necessary, huh?  Protection from what though?  Just off of the top of my head I think of: danger, accidents, bad thoughts, disease, illness, theft, anger, etc.  Here is a cute bracelet that can worn 24/7.  I hope it will give you a little bit of protection!


New Designs

Well, the hard part of making jewelry is sometimes coming up with new ideas.  I mean, how many Stars of David can you make?  Luckily though, Jewish jewelry isn’t only Stars.  There are many symbols to mark the wearer as Jewish. 

1. Star of David

2. Hamsa

3. Chai

4. Tree of Life

5. Evil Eye

6. Hebrew Name

7. Mezuzah

Think about it.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life is a Judaic symbol for rebirth, renewal, family, longevity, etc.  We have made this particular tree with a hand painted enamel background and gemstone. 

I like to wear it long, about 30″ and with a gold plated chain to bring out the hints of gold in the pendant.  This new piece should be up on the web soon at www.alefbet.com.

Spiritual Side of Jewelry

In Sunday’s Los Angeles Times there was a great article about spirituality and jewelry.  I feel there is often a connection to jewelry and “feeling good” while wearing it.  I don’t mean that it looks good on you, but that you actually feel good, refreshed, like you have a meaning while wearing it feeling.  For example a hamsa will make you feel as if nothing bad will come your way, a Star of David will protect you, a red string will bring you good luck.