Do you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day even though you aren’t Irish?  We did, actually still do.  It always was fun in this Jewish household growing up having a “green day.”  We would start the day out with green bagels from Western Bagels, and have a green feast for dinner.   You know– green limeade, green pasta, green bread, green salad, and finally, green jello.  A Jewish American home without jello is well, about as kosher as a Jewish family celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you do anything fun for this holiday even though you aren’t Irish?  If you do, let us know and we’ll send you a free Luck ring from

We got a great response from the last promotion, we thought we’d try our fake Irish luck again and send out the second ring in the series.  Hey, refer a friend to the site and if they buy something, we’ll send you two different rings you can stack on one finger.  We are also on facebook where you can post a comment and we’ll send you the ring. 

Oh, the luck of the Irish……

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  1. Hey, I married a guy whose family came from Ireland! Of course I wear green and Celtic jewelry and watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade. After all, there are Jews in Ireland, too. So this year, I’ll lift a pint to my sweetheart’s memory and say, “Slainte and L’Chaim!”

  2. We wear a little green, that started from us wondering why the bagels were going green! Now it’s a fun reason to play!

  3. For St. Patty’s day every year I wear a T-shirt that says ” Bris me I’m Jewish!” It has a four leafed clover with a corner of one leaf that has been snipped off. It always gets a great chuckle.

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