Fourth of July Strawberries
Fourth of July Strawberries


Celebrating the Fourth of July in the United States is always relaxing and full of food and fireworks.  Now, I don’t want to forget the meaning behind Independence Day and thank the soldiers who fought and died to allow us this wonderful and free life— so thank you!

This year our family is celebrating our parents’ 45 th wedding anniversary and us three girls decided to throw a party for them.  I was in charge of basic desserts and with the help of pinterest I was able to impress the guests (and even myself)!

I truly didn’t think I had this simple talent in me, but look to the left and see how cute my patriotic berries came out!!!  All it took was a trip to the local candy store, a bag of white chocolate, berries, and colored sugar and voila!  The replies on facebook from my friends also made me sort of  toot my own horn, because I am usually not this creative!  So here’s to an easy dessert that can impress your friends and family and takes no talent whatsoever!

If you are like me and have other easy recipes that make people think you can cook  and bake really well,  please share them in the comment section!!


Happy Fourth of July!


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