So, way back when in 1970, the hippies were out in full force and they created Earth Day.  Come to think of it, it really wasn’t that long ago when practically every car spewed out black gas and we’d have to close our air conditioning vents for fear of breathing in the fumes.  Remember the days when you would toss a water bottle in the trash without a second thought.  Or, how about leaving the water on while washing your car, not a care in the world as it floated away down the driveway. 

blue recycle bins

American households actually have come a long way.  Now, no need to tell me that, “These little acts don’t make dent on the real problems with the environment,” but multiply each little act by a few million and now we’re talking!  I chuckle on thinking back to the memory of Los Angeles trash pick up when they gave each household a tiny little yellow bin for the week and said, “recycle!”  Now we have these gigantic blue bins at each house and lo-and-behold mine is full each week. 

Earth Day– it became a reality in the past 40 years.  Look how far we have come.

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