You might think going to a gift show is glamorous, it is HARD work! I give so much credit to manufacturers and wholesalers that travel and do these shows!

Setting up a booth can take hours, we spent 12 on jewelry–imagine what a huge company does! It makes me shiver just thinking of it. Then you have to sell, smile, and do it all again the next day.

Break down, clean up, shipping, organizing, processing orders……breathe……..then come home and jump right back into the routine of “life.” And do it all again.
I am not complaining, I love it— who can say they get to go to New York City twice a year and not do a single touristy thing! We do eat at great restaurants though.  And I have a theory that while on vacation you don’t gain weight.  I adore my theory, but alas, it doesn’t always come true.

The life, the fun, the excitement, the hard work. I think there should be a television show somewhat like Dirty Jobs, but about the “work” that goes on behind the “work.”

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