Buy Me Something Nice for Passover!!

Passover Memories…

Years ago, along with my siblings and cousins I was awarded 25 cents from the male members of my family.    It didn’t matter if we found the Afikomen first, we all got the same reward.  What happened to all those quarters over the years?    I lost them, and I know I didn’t invest the money.  jewish star necklace

Jumping ahead a few decades,  I am now of the opinion that we should give our children and grandchildren Afikomen gifts that are longer lasting and more thoughtful than money; pieces that you can touch, feel, wear.   In the future, that gift will certainly be linked to fond, even funny Passover memories.  passover magnet









We here at Alef Bet by Paula feel that a you can continue creating Passover memories by gifting great, unusual, or even small gifts at the Seder.  So, why not start the tradition this 2016 Passover?  Here are some suggestions that will make you an “Afikomen” Star?


matza ball shirt












Let us know what you got as a kid in the comment section below.