It’s ALL About the Choker

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The choker necklace is one of Fall 2016’s biggest trends.

They were key accessories in the nineties, and they are making a comeback alongside backpacks, bandanas, bombers and cropped tops. Some of the world’s supermodels, like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, have rocked these necklaces in every way, whether at the Met Ball or walking the streets of LA.

Not only are they super chic but can be worn any way.

Chokers are the perfect accessory and a stand-out piece to include in any outfit. Now, a great outfit in itself can go a long way, the best thing you can do for any outfit is spice it up with a good accessory. You see, it makes a statement.   The best way, of course, is to try a trend and decide for yourself if it works for you. Here are some ways we have paired our chokers:

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You can see these online here.  As always, Alef Bet’s designs come with a full money back guarantee.  We’d love to see how you decide to wear this trend.  Let us know on Instagram!

Natalie Portman’s Baby Alef

I thought I wouldn’t chime in here about the name Alef, but according to People magazine, the name gets an A+.

Natalie Portman


I know it is special, it is unique, it represents beginnings and the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  You can read about the Hebrew letters here if you want to be educated.  Ok, all I am saying is that the name is the basis for teasing.  I mean come on, we have the company name Alef Bet and people crack up and think they are so unique by asking, “hey where’s the gimel?”  I just feel for this little guy, he will be tormented by questions, “where’s bet?”  Or better yet, when they learn the Hebrew alphabet in preschool and they start with “alef- bet- vet, gimel- dalet -hey….” Oh my, I get goose bumps.

But hey, I might be wrong.  The Jewish Journal thinks the name is better than some of the other celebrities.

I did name my oldest daughter Myahn.  Maybe I, too,  am a rebel?

What do you think?