Love…I Love You…Love

Love necklace with garnet
Love necklace with garnet drop

Love seems to be in the air every February with Valentine’s Day. 


Alef Bet wrote a blog about the meaning behind the holiday of Valentine’s Day, read about it here.

This season of Love, Alef Bet introduces a new necklace  highlighting Love,  with a Love pendant.  Dangling from the charm is a garnet gemstone which matches so nicely with the gold color.  Did you know that garnets are the gemstone of love, healing, purity and truth?   


Now we’re not suggesting you wear this stone to possibly get the nitty-gritty-truth about your secret loved one, but legend does have it that the stone can help release information, even if painful.  On a positive note, if you put a garnet under your pillow it is said to cure depression. 


Happy season of Love!