I’ll Never Stop Loving You


Words hold super powers.  They can cause a smile in a split second, change a life,  and create lasting memories.

Words can also harm.  They can cause pain, tears and such sorrow that could change a life forever.


Choose your words carefully, think them through long and hard.


We’ve all been there, all been hurt by words and all felt the positive power of words.  Let’s focus on the positive power of words– it is a much brighter subject when your blog is about jewelry!!



I’ll Never Stop Loving You Necklace in Sterling Silver

Wow– how touching is this!!  Can you picture your kids gifting you this necklace for Mother’s Day perhaps at brunch or while bringing you breakfast in bed?  Could you imagine the heart felt joy upon opening the box containing these sentimental words?  These are powerful words, touching words, heartfelt words that are not chosen lightly.  They come from within, from one’s inner most soul to share with yours.

I’ll Never Stop Loving You

This Mother’s Day, thank your mom. Or your wife.  Bring her joy and happiness, and let her know that you appreciate all she has done for you.  Etch these words onto her heart, just like this pendant.  Touch her soul, her mind, and let her know exactly how you feel.

Words speak louder than actions.  Create ever lasting memories with a piece of jewelry that she can carry close to her heart and continually draw pleasure.

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Touching gift for Mother's Day or Any Day
Touching gift for Mother’s Day or Any Day