Hamsa Necklace with Diamonds

Hamsa and Diamond Necklace
Hamsa Necklace


The new jewelry trend is setting full cut diamonds in sterling silver.  I know, at first you’re like, “huh?  That  totally cheapens the product!”  Then you take a look at the quality and the think, nice… Then the big whammy comes…. it is priced to sell and to buy.  Affordable.

The price of gold is awful, unless you are selling it and making a great profit, but if you are selling jewelry it hurts.  I guess the same holds true if you are buying jewelry.  Duh.  The prices of metals are just out of control.

So, now sterling silver is set with diamonds.  Makes sense now, right?

Here is a new necklace with my favorite symbol, a hamsa.  The little gold on the side is just an added touch.  Click here to see it on the website.