Stackable Rings Trend Here to Last


Fashion is ever changing and not remaining in one place for too long. It’s a rare thing when something stays on trend for longer than a season or two but when it does then you know that it’s probably one worth participating in. The stackable ring trend is one of those long lasting trends, and I am SO happy about that. People are still showcasing their stacked rings on multiple Pinterest boards, blog posts, and in magazine articles. 2016’s trend of stackable rings is not going anywhere in 2017.

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Ring Stacking How-to:

Try starting with a delicate and/or sparkly ring as the foundation? But don’t stop there, Alef Bet Jewelry offers a wide variety of rings that are perfect options for the stackable ring trend. From high-end to low, stackable rings are making their mark. Many fashion experts suggest an anything-goes mentality that employs a selection of varying sizes, shapes and colors. While another advises choosing one metal (gold, rose gold, silver or platinum) or one color and then playing with textures. But I believe you the only rule is – there are no rules! This is fashion and fashion should express you and your beautiful personality! So no matter how you stack, strive for a cohesive look that makes you feel good.

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Compass Tattoo-Inspired Penant

Sterling silver tattoo-inspired compass dog tag pendant.

Compass tattoo inspired pendant
Compass Tattoo Dog Tag Pendant

The compass is a very popular maritime tattoo, stemming as far back as the early age of sailing, when mariners navigated their way through uncharted waters  armed only with the stars at night, a compass to point North and their own wits to guide them.  The Spanish conquistadors were the first sailors to utilize such tattoos centuries ago, because the ocean was a scary place, and a compass was their good luck symbol.


Today, sailors and explorers do not need to rely as much on the compass and stars , but it still stands strong as a symbol of luck and protection.  The compass symbol represents finding direction—the followings of dreams and never losing sight of the course.