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After Holiday Sale Time on Jewelry

With all the online chatter or noise about sales, you probably often wonder why do online stores have one?

When Alef Bet first started selling, it was predominately wholesale.  Meaning, to the stores and not to the public.  We ventured into online sales when the internet started up, but we never pushed, never really tried to make it a success.  Now we are trying.  2017 holiday season was awesome!

Which leads us back to the title of this blog, why a sale?

Well, for the first part a store, be it online or in a brick-and-mortar location just can’t sell everything under the sun.  If you have a store, then of course, space is limited.  Customers don’t want to see the same product all the time.  Of course, you can always house it in a warehouse and rotate out your stock.  Could you imagine how organized you would have to be to keep track of that?!  What if an item goes out of style, and you forgot where it was housed, you are doomed.

Imagine bringing back shoulder pads now? 

Same thing for ecommerce. 

We need to sell off merchandise to create more online space.  How many pages can you scroll through until you find exactly what you are looking for?  Think of Amazon, can you really scroll though 4000 pages of hamsa jewelry?  NO WAY! 

So, we’ve created a retirement sale on jewelry. 

Yes, often times merchandise moves from our website over to and our online store there.  But often times, when we move to Amazon it is 100% going to be housed at Amazon and in their fulfillment centers.  Which basically means that we don’t ship in house, Amazon takes care of all of that.  It is their Prime feature, that they are in full control of inventory, customer service and shipping– for a fee to them, of course.

So, if you want to see what is being listed for sale over on our website— prepare yourself as we are constantly adding before January 1, 2018.  

We want to clear off our shelves, our bins, our dividers and plastic bags and allow for space for new merchandise.  Here at Alef Bet Jewelry, we want to grow and by growing we mean, bringing in new jewelry all the time.  New hamsa and evil eye designs, new Jewish Star necklaces, and more 14k gold.  That is our true love, gold jewelry. 

We hope you’ll shop our sale and help us open up new shelving space for our new collections. 

If you have any ideas for us, want to become a brand ambassador, or just want to support a small niche company grow, let’s connect. 

We love each and everyone of you and are so thankful,

Alissa & Paula

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