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Always Believe in Something Wonderful

Always believe…

Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen in your life.  If you don’t live with dreams and aspirations, you go about your life and nothing happens.  Well, stuff happens, but nothing HAPPENS.  No job change, no meeting new people, no getting out of your comfort zone, no better grades, no advancement.

The 89th Academy Awards are on tonight, and no, I haven’t seen even 1/8 of the films nominated.  I confess I haven’t even seen one nominated film from the last 2 years, but I do watch the award ceremonies.  Why?  Because of that one in a lifetime speech given by a “nobody” who knew something wonderful is going to happen in their life.  Not the speech about politics, or about how much they love their kids, but that struggle speech.  That speech that shows the passion and striving for a goal they set out to achieve, and boom– accomplished!

“When I was 16 years old, I tried to kill myself because I felt

weird and I felt different and I felt like I did not belong. And now I’m standing here, so I would like this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she’s weird or she’s different or she doesn’t fit in anywhere. Yes, you do. I promise you do. You do. Stay weird. Stay different. And then when it’s your turn and you are standing on this stage, please pass the same message to the next person who comes along. Thank you so much.”

Graham Moore, awarded Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game in 2015

“I’m just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream. I never thought this would ever happen.” 

Hillary Swank, Best Actress, Million Dollar Baby, 2004

These wins happened with hard work, and a goal.

The goal for some of us might be to finish writing that term paper to finish high school or college, or it might be to move mountains.  But, it starts somewhere.  If we give up, then nothing ever wonderful will be about to happen.

How sad would that be?

What happens after our dream and hard work comes to fruition?  Well, it really can’t be any better said than by Benicio del Toro, who won for Best Supporting Actor in 2000 for Traffic, “I won and I get to scream and jump a little. But I got to go back to work tomorrow.” 

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