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An Apple on Rosh Hashanah?

Why an apple on Rosh Hashanah?

The apple is regarded in positive light as a strong symbol among Jews.   It has a perfect shape, a sweet taste, and is fragrant.   It is a symbol for beauty, sweetness and the hope for prosperity.  The hardiness of the fruit, its durability, represent strength and growth.    The apple harvest is associated with the Fall, which is also the season when the New Year holiday, called Rosh Hashanah, is celebrated.

Apples dipped in honey have a strong symbolism for the high holiday season, signifying the wish for a prosperous and sweet new year.  Honey applies to the words of G-d and the wisdom of the Torah, and is the symbol for rebirth and personal growth, as well as tradition and stability.  On Rosh Hashanah, it is used to mark a sweet new year, that a person is changed from personal sin to goodness. 

This holiday season, may you rejoice in the sweetness of apples and honey.  If you are looking for a sweet remembrance of the holiday season, may we suggest a diamond apple necklace , visit Alef Bet Jewelry.

Diamond and gold apple necklace

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