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  • Bat Mitzvah Count Down+ Prep Work

    My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is closely approaching.  I wanted to share with you the progress of pulling together a DIY Bat Mitzvah through photos.

    Sign In Board-- Going through the years of photos is no easy task!

    Fabric by the yard made of rhinestones

    Bat Mitzvah Invite to the party.

    Liquor and drink list-- this never seemed to end! And for a non-drinking family this list was a bit overwhelming.


    Drinks for the bat mitzvah


    Placecards for Bat Mitzvah Seating--- we ordered on Etsy and printed at Kinkos. Thank you pinterest for the idea!

    Candy for buffet--We decided last minute to build a candy buffet. Can you imagine what $400 of bulk candy bought at wholesale amounts to!!?? Boxes and boxes of sugar.........heaven..........

    Toys, chachkees-- all for the DJ to pass out to the kids. We were able to buy hats, necklaces, neon junk, tiaras, and different glasses.

    Peek at the centerpieces

    Centerpieces for Bat Mitzvah-- all lined up and getting ready. We used black rhinestone fabric, three glass vase jars, orchids and plastic floral rocks.

    Orchid flower stems-- Los Angeles has a huge flower wholesale market/district. I was able to buy the orchid stems and the glass vases there.

    Centerpieces for Bat Mitzvah. The glass votive vases have LED pink lights with pink floral rocks.


    Why the boxing gloves for the final image?  Well, how do you think I stayed sane through all of this!!!??  Boxing and kickboxing many days a week leads to a calmer mom and wife.  And it is cheaper than therapy!!!

    What do you think?  Love to hear your comments.


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