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  • Cable Bracelets Galore

    Stack them up, pile the bracelets on!
    Too Many Bracelets?

    Ok, so the style nowadays is bracelets. Bracelets stacked, piled on high, jingling and jangling on your wrist!

    I have to admit I love the sound of the clanking and movement on my arm as my bracelets hit against one another making a soft melody of sorts. 

    I call it jewelry music to my ears.

    This image is of stainless steel cable bracelets set in sterling silver with diamonds.

    The evil eye design has a large center sapphire, worn to bring you good luck.

    The nice thing about the steel metal is that is doesn’t tarnish as silver does.


    Clank, clank, clink, clink. How many can you wear at once?


    Each design is available in four colors: rose, silver, black, gold

    a) hamsa with two hearts

    b) rondels

    c) tri-color cuff

    d) evil eye

    e) triple hearts

    f) circles

    g-j) triple six pointed stars aka Jewish Stars

    k) Chai — Hebrew for Life

     And if you wanted a matching ring with all luck symbols, well hey…. take a peek here!

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