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Cancer Sucks and Age is a Number

Certain people inspire you, and this lady here with me does!  I first met Joyce at a kickboxing class almost 10 years ago where we instantly connected.  Here we are again, back in class, after she BEAT cancer for the 3rd time!  Not many people can fight like a pro—and win.  She came to class with a pic line in her arm for administering medicine, and that didn’t let working out stop her.  I must mention that she also had fabulous new weaved eyelashes on and was some of our wearing our too!  

That aside, I wanted to share my hero, Joyce.  

Be strong, be brave, and find strength in life.  Also, age is just a number.  Joyce is in her 70’s and this should inspire all of us to stay fit and healthy!

Oh, and that’s me, Alissa, on the right.

And Joyce.

What inspires you?

Who is your hero?

Joyce wearing Alef Bet Jewelry, fighting cancer and winning

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