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    We love the bright, candy-like colors of our freshest summer “eye” bracelet. Hand-crafted glass eyes, all-seeing with an eye on both sides of the disc-shaped bead, in a joyful, defiant rainbow of colors.


    Combining the colors is a modern energy and look, different from wearing just the traditional blue protective eye-bead on its own (which we also love, of course).


    And the rainbow effect supports our personal belief that there is no place on this earth for discrimination or hatred of any kind.


    Every day, violent headlines shock us and rock our world. So we wear this multi-gorgeous bracelet of every-colored eye, set in graceful gold-fill or silver chain links, with Pride in our diverse humanity, and for the Protection of all people, everywhere.


    Wear a bunch of them together for peace, love, and what we call the Color effect, in honor of the victims in Orlando, and to honor and protect the future of the world’s children.


    100% of the net proceeds will go to Support the Victims of Pulse Shooting via



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