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Evil Eye Bracelet: Fashion Statement Or Curse Breaker?

Jewelry is a popular way of self-expression, especially when it is thought provoking like an Evil Eye bracelet. Jewelry is worn with all kinds of fashion and is also part of certain trends. Centuries ago, different cultures throughout the world held the belief that a person who gave an evil stare to another individual could bestow bad luck. To gain protection, evil eye jewelry was produced to ward off this negativity.

Evil Eye jewelry is supposed to supply a person’s life with love, success, and happy thoughts. Today people wear this kind of jewelry to fill fashion voids and to accentuate an outfit. Evil Eye jewelry is a craze that has hit even the celebrity world in a big way. People are always trying to imitate the rich and famous. Some of the most famous celebrities have been photographed wearing this kind of jewelry. Madonna and her religion heavily believe in the power of the evil eye.

Every piece of jewelry has something special about it. This particular bracelet often incorporates different colors into the blend. This means that it will go with all outfits both casual and elegant, like jeans or a suit for work. Each color has a special meaning. For example, blue represents the power to receive positive energy and good karma. Black is thought to bring wealth and a prosperous life. Green brings growth, while yellow is meant to bring healing. Red is the most powerful color representation that is the passion of life.

Most of these bracelets include a number of charms that are painted with an eye or contain a bit of bling in the eye position. This eye is the item that stares back in the face of negative thoughts and maintains an even life. The design can be simple and streamlined with a single bead or filled completely around with multiple beads. Some people use the color of the string that holds the beads as a symbol as well.

An evil eye bracelet is not a new concept.  It has been around for a long time, but has recently felt an insurgence of popularity. It looks good with their modern appearance and also stands for positive feelings.  It makes a good gift for someone fighting problems in life because of this meaning. No matter how superstitious a person is, this bracelet will be a stylish addition to any jewelry wardrobe and may actually bring a bit of good luck in the process.

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