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Feathers….And Tattoos

When you think of fashion-forward jewelry you need to consider all of the jewelry out there, and break it down to what speaks to you.

Now, you might say what would a feather and a tattoo have to do with anything? Let’s begin….

Tattoo art is beautiful. Look closely at each tattoo and think of the imagery behind each symbol, each drawing. Regardless if you wear it on your body, admire it from afar, or choose to wear it as jewelry, the colors and strokes and movement is just that….art!

Our team had the privilege of having a LA based tattoo artist hand draw symbols that attracted us and we were then able to create those symbols into jewelry.

One of the symbols so prominent in our society is a feather. There is such rich history behind the feather, that really begins with the Native American belief system based on Animism.  Animism embodies the spiritual idea that all natural things within the universe, including birds, have souls or spirits.  They believe that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in birds and their feathers and that they possesses an inherent virtue, power and wisdom. Pretty cool!

Another one I love is that feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees. Feathers arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose. They can be a sign from the angels or loved ones that they are near – that they hear you, guide you and are supporting you. A sort of way of saying hello and they are watching over you, taking care that everything will be “ok.”

Now if that doesn’t sell you on the meaning of a feather I don’t know what will!

Ok, perhaps then we should actually look at the jewelry design itself and follow its route from idea to creation.  So, back to the beginning of the journey….

We meet with this tattoo artist, he draws this amazing feather and our team inputs the drawing into the computer, cleans it up, cuts an aluminum mold, casts the silver and creates the dog tag pendant. When that process has finished, we take hand-wire-wrapped gemstones and attach the feather charm to the necklace. Viola!!! 

Here you have it! A sterling silver and 14k gold plated feather on a strand of turquoise gemstones. Perfect for a loved one, perfect for a guy or girl, perfect for yourself.

To see it online, click here.

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