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Healing Jewelry

Often times we are in need of healing. Be it for ourselves or for a loved one, we need a blessing. 

Healing Prayer Necklace 

In Numbers, Chapter 12 , Miriam is stricken with leprosy as a punishment by God and her two brothers, Moses and Aaron, pray for her to be healed. Moses asks that God heal his sister, uttering “el na refa’na la – oh God, I pray, heal her now” (Numbers 12:13).  This was not only an act of brotherly love for caring for his sister, but a direct call for divine intervention for healing. 

Alef Bet designed this particular healing prayer necklace as a result of so many customers asking for a piece of symbolic healing jewelry for themselves or to gift to someone in need.  “Finding this prayer was perfect, not only is it from the Torah, but it is as feminine as is the pendant itself,” states Alissa.  Reciting the name of one in need, or just sharing your personal concern for one who is ill, are all acts of healing.  Just as prayer is personal, so is helping a loved one (or yourself) through a difficult time. 

El Na Hebrew prayer jewelry for healing

 Wishing you blessing, wishing you healing.

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