Hostess Gifts That are Good and Inexpensive

What is the perfect gift to give someone who is hosting dinner?

Over on Facebook, we recently asked this question, "what do you recommend giving as a hostess gift when invited for dinner?"

Of course, the usual answers were listed: flowers, wine, dessert, flavored vinegars etc.

And reading through the 26 comments that came in there were a few people that mentioned hamsa wall hanging. Like Tova, who said "always a hamsa for their wall to bless their home."

In all honesty, as the owner of the company that sells these hamsas, I didn't even think of this! (But, now I will)

It is a lovely gesture to bring a hostess gift to the host or hostess upon acceptance of their invitation to a dinner or party. It truly is a reflection upon you, that you are well-mannered and you truly appreciate the invitation.

There really are no rules for what to give the hostess, and truly all sorts of things are suitable for hostess gifts. As a general guide, if you don't know the host of an event very well, you may want to stick with something fairly neutral, such as flowers. And yet, the ideal gift should be tasteful and elegant, and generally something that the hostess might not buy for him or herself. It need not be expensive or elaborate, but small and tasteful.

It is really a way to say thank you for welcoming me into your home.

evil eye wall hanging

So, when Alef Bet's facebook followers mentioned gifting home blessings in the form of hamsa hands and lucky "evil" eyes as housewarming gifts, we instantly thought-- PERFECTION!

Here are some photos shared by customers about their purchases.

"I loved my pieces and how they matched in my wall. Can't wait to add more pieces to the beautiful picture they made together" says Simone Modolo

Jen Gendason wrote, "The top and bottom one are from u and I LOVE them. Please keep selling them, I want a lot more for myself and gifts."

Each hamsa and evil eye wall hanging come with an explanation card as well, so the recipient will understand the meaning behind this home amulet.

Hamsa: this hand-shaped amulet is a symbol of good luck. The protective hand is believed to ward off the evil eye and protect the wearer from harm. It ushers in happiness and deters negative energy.

What a lovely gift, right?

I do want to share with you one product review, it was gifted as a housewarming present (another terrific idea) and you can read about it on the Turkish Ottaman Evil Eye Wall Hanging listing.

turkish evil eye for the home

Eileen wrote, "My daughter and her partner are rehabbing an old stone house in Cuernavaca, Mx. When I saw your work, I thought this would be the perfect blessing for their home. It was just opened today and they were delighted and thrilled. I am grateful it was packaged so beautifully. It is more beautiful than I thought and will be gifting other friends and family in the future. Many thanks-- I HIGHLY recommend as a gift (or maybe one for yourself?)

The pictures shared from Eileen are from Christmas day on zoom, 2020.

If you're looking for a gift under $20, may we suggest a meaningful blessing for your hostess.

Or, if you want to spend a bit more, try out a handmade glass wall hanging with either an evil eye or hamsa hand.

You know the hostess will love it, and the best part of it all-- he/she will be able to cherish it forever.

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Would like to purchase 4 necklaces with the different color beads on them. I think the beads meant, love, joy.. etc.
I can’t find them on your website.

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