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How to Unknot Your Jewelry and Store it Correctly

Don’t you HATE It when your jewelry becomes a huge tangled up mess?

It makes you crazy– I know!
Being in the jewelry business, it happens often.  The worst was while selling at a trunk show at Bloomingdales, and we had 12 dainty diamond pendants on one display.   They were all lined up nicely, overlapping one another and showing off their ability to be paired with other pieces.  It looked fabulous from the front.
Then it happened…
Someone wanted to try on a necklace.  While  attempting to remove the center necklace, the chains became intertwined with one and another and the knots started.  One-by-one the 12 necklaces all became a ball.
Imagine the image above x12.
Not a pretty sight at all.
It could have easily been avoided, had I followed the simple advice listed below.
First– storing the jewelry is important.
How not to store jewelry
Never ever plop your jewelry into a bag.
That is where the damage begins.  It just sits in a bag and moves all around, back and forth on itself creating a nightmare of knots.  You go to wear it, pull it out of the baggie and you want to scream.  A jumbled up mess.
How to store jewelry correctly to prevent knots

This is how to correctly store the jewelry— dangle an inch of the chain out of the bag.  It cannot roll back on itself and become tangled. 

Had I stored each chain on the back of the display following my own advice, in a small baggie,  I would have been spared hours of work. 

Second: What happens when you do have a knot, so tightly wound up you can’t even wear the pendant? 

Do you consider throwing out the jewelry or sending it back to the manufacturer for them to repair?  Perhaps.  We have had customers do this.  We don’t recommend throwing it out or cutting it — there is a method to fixing the knots.

Step one: take a deep breath

Step two: turn on the television and grab a cup of wine (that is totally up to you, of course)

Step three: you will need 2 pins. These are your tools

Step four: Put the pins into the tiny links inside of the chain and start pulling them apart.  Follow the knot, and eventually it will unloosen and become separated from the cluster of chain.
Step five: This isn’t a race, it takes a long time.  Refer back to step one and two.
Remember, we were able to unknot 12 necklaces– so you can too.  Just be patient.
To see a video on this watch here
Alef Bet Jewelry has the plastic bags for sale, they are very inexpensive and come 100 in a bag.

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