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Jewish Star Men’s Jewelry with Drake in Mind.

Wouldn't Drake look good in a Jewish Star Necklace?


Men Men Men Men Men and jewelry!  I can’t tell you how many times we get asked for Bar Mitzvah jewelry for boys or just, “what do you have for men?!”  My response is always the same, “they are so hard!”  Why?  I mean really, can’t they all just wear a huge chai design?  It means “life”, it represents longevity, has the Jewish/Hebrew factor in it, what else do they need?

Alas, I know as well as you that all men are different and want style.  Ok, I get it.  I just have such a hard time designing for men!  Then I thought of the singer Drake (click here if you don’t know who I mean), the one who is always known first as an artist, then as a Jew.  I guess that it isn’t everyday you see one of the hottest musician out there being Jewish, but hey, we live in a modern age, but that is a different blog for a different day.

There is a large, or rather extra large Star of David necklace that was Drake-inspired.  Thinking of which handsome, tall, popular singer would wear this necklace that oooozed style….and this design was created.  Wouldn’t this Jewish Star look fabulous on Drake?

Jewish Star for Men

Well, on any guy that is over 6ft and likes to wear jewelry.  Are you that man?  Do you know that man?  I have yet to meet him, but if you know how to contact Drake, I would love him to send him this necklace.  Dreams……..

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