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Labradorite Gemstones and Lucky Hamsas

Hamsa jewelry is all the rage right now.  Who hasn’t heard about the alluring power of the hand and the luck it provides?  If you haven’t, well read our post about hamsas by clicking here.

While purchasing gemstones to make jewelry, there is one color that calls to us.  It is a grey to black gemstone, called labradorite, interspersed with black needle-like lines.

The color carries over nicely from season to season, as grey blends in perfectly with white clothing, black shirts, jeans and pinks of summer and so much more.

Not only is the color extraordinary, but the story or folkloric tale of the grey stone, called labradorite, is also fascinating,  

According to an Eskimo legend, along the coast of Labrador, the northern lights were once imprisoned in the rocks. One night, a wandering Eskimo warrior found them and with a mighty blow of this spear, was able to free most of the lights.  Some of the lights were still trapped within the stone, making the needle-like imagery and allowing almost an iridescent play of colors.

As a result we now have the beautiful mineral known as labradorite.

In reality, labradorite was originally discovered in St. Paul Island, Labrador, Canada in 1770.  It is also a mineral found in Australia, Finland, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Newfoundland, Norway, Russia and the United States.  It is also known as spectrolite and often called black moonstone.

The Eskimo legend sounds much more interesting, a little folklore always lures the reader in with visions of a cold night, warm furs bundling up the warrior.

Originally chosen for its beauty and dark hues that goes well with colors,  labradorite is also an important gemstone that increases energy, reduces stress and anxiety, and is said to protect its wearer from danger.  

It also aides in anti-aging, and provides its wearer with a healthy body and good fortune!

Well, we’re sold--  Why not look good while wearing stylish jewelry?

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