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Purim: Jewish Feminism?

We think that it’s no coincidence that Purim falls in March, which is National Women’s History Month.

Purim always calls for the reading of the Book of Esther, the woman who embodies Jewish resistance to annihilation.

That’s what we call girl-power, Kosher-style!

Rabbinic tradition tells us that Esther was one of the four most beautiful Jewish women of all time (Sarah, Rahab and Abigail were the others).

What you may not know about Esther is that her Hebrew name was Hadassah (meaning “myrtle tree”), now familiar to us as the benevolent organization of women who work in support of the Jewish community, and the larger world-community, too.

She was a Jewish orphan who became the most powerful woman on earth, by marrying King Ahasueras , King of Persia.

Was it looks alone?

Was it that year-long makeover that Esther experienced, with all of those aromatic baths, oils, myrrh and perfumes?

Not likely – King Ahasueras had lots of options.

He was, after all, the world’s most eligible bachelor!

Yes, he had a harem.

And of all the babes in the realm, he chose Esther as his queen.

And the rest is history.

Our advice for Purim: enjoy a lovely bath, a nice massage with aromatherapy oils, and put on your favorite jewelry in celebration of Esther, and women everywhere.

Relaxing at the Lady Spa

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