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  • Salt Looks Like Sugar Don’t Be Mislead by Social Media

    Salt Looks Like Sugar Don’t Be Mislead by Social Media

    Can this quote be any better?

    We love social media, love love love it!  But come on, we are not ALL that perfect– but photos show life as fabulous, right?  Do we all have a gazillion high-end purses and fancy shoes?  An outfit that is brand new to wear every single day with no repeats?  A spouse that adores and smiles at you every single second of your tropical vacation?  And the kids!!  They are always behaving and perfect, right?

    COME ON!

    I mean, who wants to see the boring photos like paying bills, washing dishes, laundry, changing sheets? We have to do these mundane activities though. So salt does look like sugar, don’t be mislead.  I remember a friend once said to me, “you are such a great mom, and your facebook shows how well-behaved your kids are, and do they know how lucky they are? You are always traveling with them.”

    Um no.

    That was when it dawned on me that what is posted and what is seen are two different animals.  The outtakes of the mess in the kitchen next to the perfectly chef-inspired dish, or the makeup that spilled all over the car when you grabbed your purse to take a quick picture because the sun was just about to set.  How about the time your dog tore up the outfit you were supposed to return after wearing it in a photo shoot?  Why don’t those make it into social media?

    Now there would be a great page, #realdayinthelifeofablogger.  LOL


    It ain’t all roses


    Using Alef Bet Jewelry as an example,  it appears like each piece of  jewelry is an easy sell, and easily managed. But, what you don’t see is the difficulty we go through trying to build our website, marketing and finding customers. We have the designs in our heads, but you don’t see the issues going into manufacturing and creating them. The problems that arise when the diamonds are not set perfectly, when the order comes in wrong, a stone falls out, or when you make an order and the store decides not to pay after an order is shipped.

    How about when my kids were small and instead of putting them in daycare they were in the office with us?  Hey, you didn’t know that did you?  Trying to sell jewelry with a kids screaming in the background isn’t ideal.  Trust me.

    So salt does look like sugar, don’t be mislead.

    What goes on in your life that we don’t “see?”

    Lay it out in the comments, it felt good venting, have to admit!

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