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Shema Israel Jewelry in Hebrew

Wearing the Hebrew Biblical Prayer Jewelry

Thee most important Hebrew prayer, Shema Israel, is known throughout the world by Jewish people, regardless if you can read or write the Hebrew language.  If you're looking for a present or a piece of jewelry that will never stop gifting, this is the one piece you'll want to gift to someone.

Everyone Wants To Know Their Hebrew Name, But Why Do We Need One?

Really, what is in a name?  A Hebrew name? Such an easy question, such a complex idea! Let's all agree that we all need to be called something, we all... Read More
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OMG-- What Do I Buy for a Bat Mitzvah Girl?

OMG-- What Do I Buy for a Bat Mitzvah Girl?

What do the girls want nowadays for their special Bat Mitzvah celebration?  A star, a hamsa, what?!