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face mask what's the rage

Seriously, How Come You Make Face Masks Now?

You know--

We started our company, Alef Bet, designing jewelry, and never ever did we dream about incorporating face masks into our line.

To be honest, had you asked us back in April about fabrics, you would have been met with a blank stare. What do I know about cotton and fleece, polyester and raw edges?  Zip.

But, what we have learned during these new times is how to navigate and adapt.  

We do know the most important thing is our customers and your loyalty-- you are our #1 priority.

We are always thinking of you.

Love-Hate Mask Relationship, Leaning More on the Hate

I hate wearing a facial mask. It's uncomfortable, weird, hard to talk with it on, and weird. I just hate it. But, with the corona pandemic covid-19 quarantine lockdown in place, a rule is a rule and we need to protect ourselves and others from spreading the virus. So, it's a love-hate relationship. If we want to lower the spread of infection than we need to take the right precautions and we might as be look good doing it.
face masks by alef bet