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Teachers and End of the Year

This morning after I dropped my daughter off at school, I tried to calculate how long I have been driving this same route to school.

I think it is 13.

13 years of the same drive, twice a day for almost 10 months a year.  That is a lot of the sameness.

I am thrilled, totally thrilled, to be moving on this year to a different school.  How sad is that?  But, when you are done you are done, right?  My little one will be upgrading to middle school, my middle is in high school and my oldest will be moving into her own apartment this weekend for college.

But, you know…we have to thank the teachers.  If it weren’t for the teachers my children wouldn’t be able to read or write.  In my 5th grade daughter’s culmination speech, I told her to include the paragraph that she is now an author, scientist, computer programmer (or rather youtube watcher), mathematician and more because of her teachers.  I honestly believe that teachers didn’t sign up for this job for the huge pay check, retirement fund and health care benefits, but rather for the love of children and education.  Yes, you may disagree on some standards and yes, some teachers should retire early, but all in all, our teachers are what make our children be able to enter the “world” and function.

I say we should honor our educators, if you want to gift them this year-end with a gift, try to think about what they have gifted your child.  We all have different levels of income and we can gift what we can.  From a personal and heart-felt note to a memorabilia gift — they deserve it!

There are lots of presents you can choose from on, in lots of different price points.  I love coffee, but lets be honest here: a gift-certificate to Starbucks is gone in a few sips but a piece of jewelry will stay with them forever.  And when they put on that bracelet or ring, they will think of your child.  And the thankful gift you bestowed upon them for educating your child.

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