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When Your Feet Hurt Wear Cute Jewelry

New shoes, new jewelry. 

Ladies– do you have a hard time shopping for shoes?  Not based on style, but on how they feel on your feet?

I have the hardest time!  I mean, my feet constantly ache.  It is the arch of my foot that just throbs.  I guess I could go to the doctor, but why? I think as a woman, we just like to suffer.  I really do.

I would rather moan and groan and shrug in pain whenever I step down from bed every morning than deal with appointments and doctor offices.

I just would.  

However, I have found that massages really help my feet pain.  My Peruvian friend said to me a few years back, come to my “sobadora” she is the best.  Now, I am sure that I am misspelling the Spanish word, so feel free to comment on my error.  But, basically, she is a lady that works out of her garage and pushes and pulls and moves tendons and ligaments and nerves back into place.  There is much screaming in pain during the whole process, it is not for the weak at heart.

But it works!!!

I would travel every Sunday to see her, a four hour trip, for almost a year.  Unfortunately, she passed away.  And unfortunate for me, my feet hurt still.

As I am off trying to find the next “sobador” I am still finding it hard to find cute and comfy shoes.  I did buy these slip-ons, aka mules of some sort at DSW.  They have a bit of an arch and padding.  Let’s hope for the best.

And they look awfully cute with simple gold jewelry.  I gotta admit they do.  

If you want to see these cute bracelets go to and for the shoes, check out DSW

Onto the next Sobador and Chinese Foot Massage…. the journey continues!

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