How to Activate or Empower a Lucky Charm

How does a lucky charm become lucky?

Will something like an evil eye or hamsa amulet protect me from a virus?

Great questions-- will an amulet protect me during a time of crisis such as the covid pandemic?

Will an evil eye charm watch over and make sure nothing harms me?

Will a hamsa hand push back any germs?

Let's explain what an amulet does exactly and then you can decide it's power and ability to work.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want that particular amulet to do.  You need to be very clear about your intentions.

A good first step is to decide on exactly what do you want it to work for? What is the biggest challenge in your life right now?

Then it is up to you to empower the amulet.

"Any amulet is just a hunk of depends on what it means to you and what you empower it to do," as described on the Mystic Convergence website.

Yep, we agree. That describes it perfectly.

A seashell can be an amulet for one person, a baby pin with an evil eye could be an amulet for another or a lucky penny for someone else.  

It's very personal.

So, what are the steps to charge an amulet?

They are actually simple, and they all are up to you.

You have the full power of this "item" and no one else can take it away from you.

  1. Consider what the object means to you
  2. Think about the design
  3. Draw on the symbolism of the item
  4. Put energy into that object
  5. Verbalize what you want to achieve (even if you whisper it aloud to yourself)

That's it.  

An amulet is believed to have the power to ward off negative energy, evil spirits, or even illness.

The power that you grant it makes that possible.

A coin is just a coin is just a coin, but once you decide that it is a magical amulet coin, that changes it totally into an amulet. 

Let's take a hamsa hand wall hanging as another example.

Shown on Alef Bet's website, they are a piece of glass. Nothing more than that, right?  A piece of glass with an artistic design drawn on it.

Hamsa Wall Ornament

However, when you purchase that object or perhaps find that object, even if you're gifted that object, only you can decide what it personally means to you. And right away you'll notice that you have begun the steps to charge your amulet into what you want it to be.

This is called charging your amulet.
Will it be for:
  • Health
  • Love
  • Prosperity
  • Luck
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Wealth
  • Protection

Hebrew Healing Necklace

If you're looking for a healing amulet you might think of garlic or herbs.  There are also blessings and pieces of jewelry, such as Alef Bet's Elna prayer necklace with turquoise gemstones that reads in Hebrew, "Please God, Heal Her." Book of Numbers 12:13.

Lucky in Love Bracelet

When you think of love, immediately our mind ventures to a heart symbol or the color red.  A good choice indeed. At Alef Bet we have actually combined the two into a red string bracelet with a heart, perfect for ushering in love to your life.

What about prosperity, wealth, luck, success and honor? 

Seal of Solomon Amulet Charm

These are strong attributes that you will want to charge and empower in whatever item you choose.  A lovely piece of jewelry though is a Seal of Solomon, and it might be exactly what you're looking for. 

The coin-shaped amulet, with its double-sided seal, has all of these attributes on the coin. Read about it here, but if this is a piece of jewelry you're looking for, it might be perfect.

How about protection and overall happiness?

That power is usually found in either one or both of the following amulet symbols: an evil eye and/or a hamsa hand.

Of course, as mentioned above, it can be found in whatever you've decided, we don't want to take that personal connection away from you, so we're sharing what's "known in the world" as a symbol that is connected to protection and happiness.

A hamsa hand ushers in goodness and pushes back harmfulness.

An evil eye (also known as a good luck eye) watches over you.

Here are some home ornaments with a blue Turkish eye and a hamsa hand that you can hang in your home or office, and combine both of the protective charms on one piece.  hamsa hand with fish for home and evil eye

 Five Hamsa Hand and Evil Eyes for the Home

Overall, if you're still wondering will a lucky charm, amulet or talisman prevent illness or a virus, it's basically up to you.  If you believe, there is no proof it won't work!  And it doesn't hurt to try, right?

Of course, don't forget to wash your hands, follow the guidelines of the CDC and social distance.  If you're feeling sick and need to seek medical advice, please do so!

This is not a sense of false hope, but rather a sense of hope. 

Let us know in the comments what is your favorite amulet, or if you have one?





Unfortunately, science rules. We can only know that an amulet helps by conducting a scientific clinical study. Take a group of people who are infected by the virus, and give half of them an amulet. Have you done this?

If not, you are spreading false hope. There is nothing right now that will prevent people from becoming ill with the virus other than avoiding the virus by social isolation and disinfecting protocols while the virus is spreading.

I implore you to remove this dangerous article from circulation.

Gayle -

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