A lovely way to thank your high holiday dinner hostess is with a gift that they will wear and remember you by. 
    See our What's New section, Jewish Stars, evil eye, and bead bracelets as other choices.  Also, you can read more about hostess gifts on the blog here.
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    hebrew shema israel necklace
    Shema Israel Hebrew Prayer Necklace
    Shema Israel Hebrew Prayer Necklace
    hand hamsa bracelet in red
    Red Cord Bendel Bracelet with Hamsa - Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula
    Red Thread Bendel Bracelet with Hamsa Hand Charm
    silver hebrew prayer bracelet jewish
    bead bracelet in Hebrew
    Shema Yisrael Hebrew Prayer Bead Bracelet
    from $72.00
    red string jewish star bracelet
    red string bracelet
    Red String Friendship Jewish Star Bracelet
    Sparkling Jewish Star Necklace - Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula
    Bat mitzvah jewish star necklace
    Sparkling Jewish Star Necklace in Silver
    hebrew jewelry jewish
    silver hebrew shema israel blessing bracelet
    Shema Israel Hebrew Prayer Bracelet
    red cord evil eye bracelet
    red string with evil eye bracelet
    Round Evil Eye Red String of Fate Bracelet
    red string of fate bracelet
    Red String of Fate Evil Eye Bracelet
    star of david earrings in silver
    star earrings girl and women
    Jewish Star of David Silver Earrings
    from $14.50
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