red judaic string bracelet
star red string bracelet
Star Bendel Bracelet - Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula

Star Red String of Fate Bracelet

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Red string bendel bracelets are worn for protection.

When the red string does come out, legend has it that you...

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Brought Me Inspiration

I was given a very simple bendel over a year ago when I was diagnosed a third time with cancer and was preparing for my first of two 96 hours of continuous chemo therapies. Besides my wedding rings it was the only piece of jewelry I wore through my many hospital stays. At some point a few months ago I noticed the red thread was disappearing and my friend, the woman who gave it to me, told me that that was an indication that I was getting better. Fact or fiction I'm not sure but decided I would take no chances and ordered the one with the Star of David as although my name does not reflect it, I am Jewish. I have subsequently learned that my PET scan is clear and that, for the present at least, my cancer is in remission and today marks my first re-birthday (my stem cell transplant was on October 15, 2015). So...I was very anxious to receive my new bendel.

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