Closing Gifts for Realtors and Lenders | Uncommon, Luxurious, and Inexpensive


Closing Gifts for Realtors and Lenders | Uncommon, Luxurious, and Inexpensive - Alef Bet by Paula

You're in need of a closing gift, it has to be perfect.

It has to be meaningful, personal, and ideally will remind your client of your services, encouraging them to want to do business with you again or even better, continue to refer you and your services to their family and friends.

Relationships are so important, built on trust and understanding between clients and retailers, homebuyers and real estate agents. Whether a homeowner who chose you as their lender to handle their mortgage or even to refinance an existing loan, we must remember that customers have the ability to chose between thousands of realtors, hundreds of banks and lenders and can take their business online or in-person.

So, when they choose you, it’s a big deal.

Quite simply, a closing gift is a gift to your client on the day of their closing or at the time of a major purchase to show them how thankful you are for their business.

Simply put, it's a valuable investment that does not need to be overly expensive, but should solidify the tone of the relationship to show your gratitude for their trust in you. Hopefully, with a thank you gift you'll set the path for a continued relationship as well as recommend you to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

hamsa platterf or home

hamsa wall platter for home closing gift

With multiple choices of closing gifts out there, from personalized cutting boards to luxurious gift baskets, bottles of wine and flowers-- remember that these are all considered expected gifts.

It's time to gift the unexpected.

How about something spiritual? Something authentic, alluring, unique and uncommon?

Let us introduce you to a closing gift that your clients will proudly display and always remember as the gift they got from their realtor or mortgage lender.

wall art hamsa and evil eye closing gifts

Wall of amulets

A hamsa hand, shown above, is a multi-cultural good luck symbol.

It ushers in good fortune, good health, protection and happiness.

Perfect for a homeowner!

The five-fingered good luck amulet is also an art piece. Decorated with many vibrant and subdued colors, a variety of symbols and designs within the hand itself, we are positive you'll be able to perfectly match your client's decor and taste.

Depending on your own budget, you can gift even just one wall hanging amulet or multiple. The wall hangings look best sold in odd numbers so they can be clustered. Alternatively, they are powerful enough to be gifted as singles as well.

Om and hamsa hand meditation room decor

Hamsa hand and Om Amulet

Often times you'll notice that a chamsa hand is combined with an evil eye.

Don't think for a second however, that an evil eye is "evil."

It's actually very far from evil!

The purpose of an evil eye is to stops any "evil" or harm from entering the home or business-- basically stopping it right in it's tracks. An evil eye, referred to as a Mal de Ojo in Spanish, Malocchio in Italian, Ayin Ha-ra in Hebrew, Mati in Greek, and a Nazar Boncuk in Turkish are just a few of the words used for this multi-national home blessing amulet.

home blessing gifts for closing presents

Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand Home Wall Decor

So, when you're leaving a gift to a home buyer there is truly no better thank you than a closing gift that blesses them and their loved ones with prosperity, good health and a long and happy future.

Prices start below $20 for handcrafted wood hamsa hand amulets. There are platters and glass wall hangings to also choose from, each with an amulet of love, abundance and good fortune.

These are choice closing gifts that your clients will proudly display in their homes, remembering you always.

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